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PARENTS & STUDENTS:  We will be using Class Dojo going forward to connect with one another as a class.  You can access our Class Dojo by checking your text messages!  We understand that not everyone has access to technology right now, but by April 6th we expect all learners to have access to technology (via the district iPads) and internet (district provided hotspots/free access available here).  Please understand we need PARENTS and STUDENTS to connect on this platform so we are all on the same page.  We will post academic activities and be able to host virtual class meetings. This will officially launch on April 6th, but if you have technology now please feel free to get a head start!  We will be updating daily! 

STUDENTS: Please tell your friends that we plan to use this tool so we can have as many students present as possible!  It is a class competiton as well as a House competition!  We will continue to use IXL, Prodigy, Readworks, EPIC! as our on-line learning continues, but this will be a way for us to communicate during this time in a safe and secure manner. 

HOW TO LOGIN AS A PARENT: You will receive a text message with a link inviting you to join our class.  Please connect by creating a parent account with your email and an easy password to remember (like lyon1234).  After you have done this, select your child from the list and you're in the class!  Once this has happened your student can connect.

HOW TO LOGIN AS A STUDENT: There are two ways a student can connect to their own personal student account. It is MUCH easier if the parent has a phone/tablet/computer of their own and the student has a different phone, tablet, etc.  However, it is possible to login with both.

1. IF STUDENT HAS A DIFFERENT DEVICE THAN PARENT: Use their OWN device.  Go to Class Dojo App/Website and Click "I'm a student". Scan the QR code from parent's device on the main class story then select their own account.

2. IF STUDENT HAS SHARED DEVICE WITH PARENT: Tap the profile button and click "Log into another account."  Select "I'm a student" then click "I don't have a QR code." Click "Log in with username"  Use the SAME log in as your parent, BUT THIS WILL YOUR ACCOUNT on the SAME DEVICE.


Thanks for your patience everyone and looking forward to seeing you soon!

As always, any questions can be sent to or!


BINGO BOARD 3/26-4/3 - This is what we will be working on thru 4/3!

Ms. Amoroso