Mensaje del dia, el 1 de abril

Posted by Hannah Flores on 4/1/2020 3:05:00 PM

Mensaje del dia, el 1 de abril 


¡Buenas tardes!


Les extraño y espero que todos esten bien :) ( Miss you all and hope everyone is doing well).

Pasito a pasito means “little step to little step.”  Basically, “take things one step at a time.”  


Muchos dias, A lot of these days, lately, this is how I’ve been feeling:


And then I feel like this:


I think some of you can probably relate. 

But that’s when I have to remember to take a deep breath, and take it “Pasito a pasito.”


Whenever, we get overwhelmed sometimes it helps to focus on one little thing we can do, and then the next, and the next, and before we know it, the huge task that was in front of us, is a lot more manageable.  


So...I miss you very much, I care about you, and I hope you all are going to take it “Pasito a pasito” as we head into our new virtual learning experience…


Ms. Flores