Teacher Message (updated 8/19/20):

Hello to all parents and students,
Due to COVID-19 social-distancing, Computer Science courses will resume online beginning Monday, August 31st.
ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON MICROSOFT TEAMSI will NOT be using EDMODO this year. All Assignments will be posted weekly on Mondays by 8am, and due by 3pm Thursday of same week.
Thank you for your patience as the current medical epidemic has given us the challenge of teaching online. There are three basic elements to computer science course this:
1) Lesson giving through live broadcasts, videos, handouts, and tutorials links
2) completing assignments digitially: online with coding studio, and with MicroSoft Office files (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .sb2, .png/.jpeg
3) working in a virtual group (small or class) and submitting group file(s)
I can be reached through email (preferred) OR MIcrosoft Teams message. Both are checked daily.
Please email me with any concerns or questions.
Mr. Boeser