Chess Club

Ten of our Gateway students participated in their first ever chess tournament! Our students played against other students from both Roosevelt and Carnahan, and played very well. Every player won at least one game out of their four rounds of play and we even had a student, Niras Gurung, place 3rd overall out of about 30 students. All of the students had a really good time and had a very positive experience.

The students that participated were:                                           photo

 Rana Ahmed (2 wins – 2 losses)

Ashlee Brown (1-3)

Kevin Delgado (2-2)

Amir Ghalley (3-1)

Niras Gurung (3-0-1)

Zahriya Harris (1-3)                                                       

Ethan Henning (2-2)

Evelin Huaroco (2-2)

Cameron Lee (2-2)

Glady Jane Tran (2-2)