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  • Gateway Students published on the Huffington Post Website 

    Recently, as students and teachers have been talking about Michael Brown, students were given a chance to respond to the situation in writing.  Several of our 7th and 8th graders responses were published in the online newspaper, The Huffington Post.  Click the link below to read the story.
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  • Civil Rights Trip Update - Thursday 5/15/14

    Update from Mr. Cashman
    The last two days have been filled with life-changing experiences for our students.  I can't really express just how incredible this experience has been for our students in this message, but I will do my best.

    Yesterday, we visited the Street Sense newspaper, which helped our students better understand homelessness in our country.  This visit also inspired our students to be advocates for those who are homeless.  I think the message from this visit that resonated most with our students was that every person who is homeless has an inner self, a story to tell, and talents to share.

    Additionally, we met with representatives from the U.S. Department of Education, including the Undersecretary for Civil Rights.  Our students participated in a dialogue with DOE leaders.

    After this, our students were able to meet directly with Senator Claire McCaskill and Congressman Lacy Clay!  Senator McCaskill was so impressed with one of our students that she not only encouraged her to run for public office herself one day but even promised her that she would make the first donation to her campaign!

    Today, our students visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and met directly with a survivor of the Holocaust.  After this, our students met with one of the founders of the Equal Rights Center, who delivered a powerful message to our students about the need for them to become advocates for social justice in our country today.  His message to our students was the following: “You are old enough to be good people who do something rather than good people who do nothing.” 

    This message connected very closely with the message our students took away from the Holocaust Museum – that we cannot stand by in the face of injustice…we all must do something to stop injustice, wherever we see it, and work to advance the causes of justice and equality.

    At dinner tonight, our bus driver, Steve, asked one of our students what he wanted to be when he grows up.  He said, “I want to go into politics and run for office.  I never thought I wanted to do that before this week, but being here has been life-changing for me.”  When Steve asked him why he wanted to run for public office, he talked about his experience at the Street Sense newspaper.  He talked about homelessness and how he wants to use his talents to help those who are homeless improve their quality of living.

    He even said that being in Washington D.C. has made him want to run for student council president next year.  He said that one of the major pieces of his campaign platform will be starting a school newspaper so that more students at Gateway can have a voice and express their ideas.  He said he wants this newspaper to help raise awareness of social justice issues and help to give students at Gateway the chance to become advocates for positive change.

    Tomorrow, we will visit the White House.  We will also visit the African American History and Culture Gallery at the Smithsonian American History Museum.  Additionally, we will visit with leaders at The Education Trust, the Center for Teaching Peace, and Learn-Serve.
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  • Engrade

    Parents, if you would like to keep track of your child's grades, you can do so through  If you haven't signed up for a username and password, please send an e-mail with your name and your child's name to to receive that information.
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