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Dear Parents and Community Members,

It is with great honor and pride that I join our dedicated faculty to work with each of you to lay the ground work for a new era of learning here at Sumner High School. I look forward to getting to know each of you as we work together to guide your child towards lifelong learning and achievement. Please accept this letter as the first step towards establishing a strong and effective working relationship between home and school.

My overall mission is to ensure that rigorous instructional strategies are implemented in all classrooms daily. It is imperative that the students of Sumner High School are successfully prepared to become independent, creative, problem solvers and self directed citizens. It is my hope that we (educators - in and outside of the classroom, parents and community members) will work together as a supportive family for each of our children: it does take a village to guide a child towards the development of commendable character and academic acuity. We will stay near the cutting edge of computer information technology to prepare our students for competition in the "New Economy".

Our new message this school year is On Time. On Track. On a Mission. I must be honest in saying, this year we will push each student to his or her limit, but we are confident that every student will meet this challenge with great achievement!


Isiah McHellen
Grade Configuration:9,10,11,12
Bell Times (Bus Tier):8:05 - 3:02 (2)
Principal:Nehemiah Thomas
Address:4268 W. Cottage Ave. St. Louis, MO 63113
Phone Number:371-1048
School Type:High School