Fresh Start Academy @ Sumner High School

Achieving Excellence

Mission and Vision


    Fresh Start Academy


    The mission of the Fresh Start Academy is to remove barriers to academic success and provide a fresh start to students who are seeking other options to obtaining a high school diploma and gaining success readiness skills.



    Students will be equipped with the success readiness skills necessary to become leaders, pursue their career goals, and be change agents in the communities in which they live. 



    4248 W. Cottage Ave.
    St. Louis, MO 63113
    Office 314-531-2220
    Fax 314-531-5851 or 314-244-1930
    Principal: Sean Nichols

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Program Overview

  • What is the Missouri Options Program?

    The Missouri Options Program is for students who have the capabilities to complete the high school graduation requirements of the State of Missouri, but lack the credits to graduate with their cohort and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma.

    The program specifically serves students ages 17-21 who are at least one year behind their cohort group or for other significant reasons, identified in the local Missouri Options Program Plan.

    Missouri Options is a competency-based program that is not dependent on credits for students to graduate.  Student must successfully complete specific program requirements to participate in graduation and receive a high school diploma.


    How Do You Get Started?

    1. Call the office at (314) 531-2220. To enroll, you will need the following documents on hand:
      • State ID or Driver’s License
      • Social Security Card
      • Copy of Immunization Records
      • Copy of Birth Certificate
      • Proof of St. Louis City residency

     Schedule to take the TABE placement exam at Fresh Start Monday or Wednesday. The (TABE) is designed to assess student’s academic readiness skills. For free prep, go to‎