Fresh Start Academy @ Sumner High School

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  • Fresh Start Academy 
    4268 West Cottage
    (Located on the Lower Level of Sumner High enter through door 17)
    St. Louis, MO 63113

    Dr. Sean Nichols, Principal
       Welcome to the Fresh Start Academy!

    Fresh Start Academy is a part of the Missouri Options Program. There are many requirements that we have no control over and MUST be met in order to take the HiSET exam—, which is the only way you can graduate from Fresh Start. This is not a program for you to graduate from high school early. You are supposed to be at least a year behind in credits to be considered for the program:

    • You will take a math and reading diagnostic test before enrollment has been approved to determine the best course of action for you.
    • To take the HiSET you MUST BE AT LEAST 17 YEARS OLD WITH A MISSOURI ISSUED ID. These are state requirements and we cannot change them.
    • You must score AT LEAST an eight on each of the 5 subtests to pass the test but you are required to have a total score of 45 on all tests. These are scaled scores as everyone does not take the same test at the same time.
    • The HiSET is not given at Fresh Start and you must pay to take the test. There are limited times and space available for testing so it is in your best interest to take the test as soon as you are ready—do not wait until April or May because there may not be any testing times available. (scheduled by YOU, with Ms. Mabrey, when you are ready to take it)
    • You must take the High School level EOCs (Algebra 1 or 2, Communications Arts, Biology, and Government). Tentatively scheduled for April 6- May 12, 2023
    • You must PASS Health (scheduled by YOU when you are ready to take it)
    • You must PASS Personal Finance(scheduled by YOU when you are ready to take it)
    • You must PASS the Federal and Missouri Constitution tests. (scheduled by YOU when you are ready to take it)
    • You must take two of the three following tests:
      • ACT The following dates are offered by the district and free to you (ONE TIME)
        • April 4,2023
        • April 18, 2023 (make up day)
      • ACCUPLACER or
        • February 10th @ 8:15 am AND 11:45 am
      • ASVAB (TBD)


    If you need to make up credits, you need to use the Edmentum Program. 

    Credit recovery is not offered at Fresh Start and you do not return to your “regular” high school to graduate.
    Graduates will receive a Sumner High School Diploma.

2022 Graduates!