Fresh Start Academy @ Sumner High School

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  • Fresh Start Academy 
    4248 West Cottage
    (Located on the Lower Level of Sumner High enter through door 17)  

    St. Louis, MO 63113

    Dr. Sean Nichols, Principal

  • The Missouri Option Program permits full-time, public school enrolled students who are at least 17 years of age. These students are at risk of dropping out or not graduating with their cohort group the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma. Graduation through the Missouri Option Program is not dependent on credit attainment.

    The Missouri Option Program is competency-based and approved by the State Board of Education. The program utilizes a high school equivalency exam as content mastery for graduation purposes. The exam sanctioned by the state for the Missouri Option program is the HiSET. Missouri Option students who successfully pass the high school equivalency test and complete all other state and SLPS graduation requirements while enrolled at Fresh Start Academy are eligible to receive a Sumner High School diploma. Students may not return to their "regular" high school for graduation.   

    Please view our Missouri Option Program Guide and Application for more information.

    *The Missouri Option Program is designed to be completed in 1 academic school year. If students fail to complete all requirements in 1 school year, they may return the following year to continue. However, if students do not complete all requirements within 2 academic years, they will be permanently dropped from our program.

    *Please advise that anyone 17 years of age or older can schedule the HiSET on their own, without being enrolled in school. If they pass, they will receive a High School Equivalency Certification (formerly GED) only, NOT a High School Diploma. Successful completion of SLPS and State requirements within the Fresh Start Academy Missouri Option Program allows students to obtain a Sumner High School Diploma.

    Credit recovery is not offered at Fresh Start Academy and this is not an "early out" program. If you need to make up credits, you need to use the Edmentum Program. 


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