Woerner Elementary School

  • Greetings to all Woerner Families,

    Please participate in the Spring 2023 Panorama Survey for families. The survey is now open through March 31st. The purpose of the Panorama Survey is to let us know how we can continue to improve our school culture and climate to meet the needs of our families. You can complete the Panorama Survey using a mobile device, laptop, desktop or tablet that is connected to the internet. 


    To complete the Panorama Education Family Survey please click HERE


    As always, your feedback is valued and appreciated!



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    Save the Date for Camp SLPS 2023!

    Camp SLPS will be held from Monday, June 5th through Friday, June 30th at sites across Saint Louis Public Schools (no summer learning on Monday, June 19th in recognition of Juneteenth holiday).   Visit https://www.slps.org/summer for more information!

    You can use the QR code, or print the form attached and send in to your child(rens) teacher. 

    Camp SLPS Registration Translations

    Summer Learning Camp Registration Form(English)


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  • Woerner Wildcat’s Roar for Reading in the Woerner “PAWS” for Reading Program.

    Woerner students get their reading on through their Renaissance MyOn app on their iPads. Each student has a weekly reading goal of 25 minutes in MyOn. When they reach that goal along with every 25 minutes of reading each week, they receive a reading “PAWS” for reading.  Classrooms reaching their reading goal receive a Super Paw award and are entered into a drawing held at our monthly Character Education Program.  That class receives the PAWS for Reading banner and a reading party.  Principal Matthews, Assistant Principal Narrow and AIC Strand will read to the winning class during their special reading party. 




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    ESOL Books and Blankets Program

    The Woerner ESOL Team is focused on providing rich literacy experiences for our students. Students in grade 2-5 will participate in the ESOL Program's Books and Blankets Program. Students received 9 multicultural books and a blanket for biweekly at home reading lessons live on TEAMS in the evening. Students will complete exit tickets weekly that are interactive and engaging. Our students were so excited to take their book bins home and create a comfortable place to read at home. We love reading at Woerner and are thrilled to celebrate our diversity through books

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    Learn-Read-Laugh-Write-Dream and Create Program With 4 St. Louis Authors

    While a classroom of 4th grade boys awaited their new teacher, Principal Kathy Matthews at Woerner Elementary collaborated with Dr. Rebecca Rogers of the University of Missouri-St. Louis to find opportunities to enrich the boys’ literacy education.


    “What can we do to make sure these boys find joy in reading?” Principal Matthews asked Dr. Rogers. From that question, they worked together with St. Louis children’s authors to design a four-week experience called “Choose the Books in your Bookshelf.” As part of this initiative, the 4th grade boys at Woerner Elementary will learn, read, laugh, dream, and create with four different children’s authors over the course of four week. “It is of utmost importance for students to see themselves in the books they read and find joy in schools,” Rogers said. Principal Matthews asked the boys to identify the authors they wanted to meet and the books they wanted to read. The boys reviewed book lists from the St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature and EyeSeeMe Books and identified the authors they wanted to learn alongside.


    Starting in November 2022, the students will be visited by children’s authors: Rebecca Clark, Jermecia Starks, Julius B. Anthony, and Jasmine Paul. Each week will begin with a visit with the author, followed by students’ inquiry, reading, and writing that extends the content of the author's visit. At the end of the week, they will reconvene with the author to share responses, new learning, and next steps. “This will be a time to share, imagine, and see themselves as readers, dreamers, and creators,” said Principal Kathy Matthews. By the end of the four weeks, students will have a dozen books in their personal bookshelves: books where they can see themselves and imagine new possibilities.


    This initiative is a collaboration of St. Louis Public Schools and the E. Des Lee Tutorial Endowment at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


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  • Woerner had a wonderful Soccer and Volleyball Coed season.

    Our Soccer team took 2nd place!  Congratulations to all the players. 

    Our volleyball team went undefeated all season until the finals. We are so proud of all their accomplishments.  

    Thank you to the teachers, staff and parents that supported our players for both sports this season. Mr. Dunphy and Ms. Hoehn coached soccer and Ms. Wellman, Ms. Carter and Ms. Strand coached our volleyball team. 



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  • Woerner Elementary’s Reading Initiative

    Here at Woerner Elementary we had our kickoff to our new reading initiative by having a “Fall into Literacy” festival. We held the festival on Saturday, October 15. We had carnival games in the gym that had a literacy spin to it. We had “Alpha-Fishing” where the students “fished” for letters to create words and other games. The prizes for the games were bookmarks, pencils, etc. . We had a library set up where the students were able to pick out books to take home and keep. We had a petting zoo and inflatables outside for the students to play in. We also had campfire story time, which was hay barrels for seats surround a fake fire the students could read with their families or staff was available to read stories outload to the students and families. We had a great turnout for the event with over 200 students and families in attendance. Each student left the event with books and reading supplies: and was excited about their books and prizes.


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  • Woerner Elementary

    Morning / Dismissal Procedures




    School starts at 9:10 AM.  Breakfast is served from 8:45 AM – 9:10 AM.


    **Students MAY NOT arrive at school before 8:45 AM.


    Morning Drop Off:


    Walkers/Car Riders:  Students will enter the building through door #6 (north back door).  

    Note: The back door will be locked at 9:10AM.  Any student arriving after 9:15 must enter through the front door, sign the tardy book, and get a tardy slip.

    Bus Riders:  Students will enter the building through door #2 (south gym door).


    From 8:45 – 8:55AM, all walkers/car riders must report to the cafeteria.  Bus riders who wish to eat breakfast will be allowed to go to the cafeteria.  At 8:55AM, all students are dismissed to their classrooms.



    • If your child eats breakfast at school, please make sure he/she arrives between 8:45 and 8:55AM.  This will give him/her enough time to eat and get to class on time.
    • If your child eats breakfast at home, please arrive between 8:55 and 9:10AM.  This will allow your child to go straight to class when he/she arrives at school.


    For the safety of our children, NO CARS will be allowed on the school playground.  This includes rainy/snowy days.  Students should be dropped off at any of the entrances (gates) to the playground.


    Tardy Students:


    Any student arriving at school after 9:15AM, must enter the school in the front (door #1).  He/she must sign the tardy book and get a tardy slip to take to class.  All time missed will count against the student’s attendance.





    School ends at 4:07 PM.


    Early Dismissal:

    There will be NO early dismissals.

    Students will be released to their parents for early dismissal for doctor’s appointments or emergencies only.  Parents should report to the main office upon arrival at school.  The secretary will call the student down to the office for early dismissal.  The parent must sign the student out.  All time missed will count against the student’s attendance.


    Inside Procedures:  

    Teachers will leave the classroom when bell rings at 4:07PM except Kg. students.

    Teachers will pair up for escorting bus students and walkers. 

    Teachers will escort classes in an orderly and quiet manner.


    Exiting Procedures:

    Woerner students are dismissed out of all four doors.  Students in grades Kg., 1, and 2 will be dismissed out the northwest door in the rear of the school.  They will exit the school yard through the north gate.  Students in grade 3 will be dismissed out the southeast door in the front of the school.  Students in grades 4 and 5 will be dismissed out the northeast door in the front of the school.  Older students should meet up with parents and younger siblings by walking out the front doors, and around to the back schoolyard.  Please see the diagram below for further explanation.  Parents should park their cars around the perimeter of the school in parking spots.  Please park your car on the street nearest your child’s dismissal door.  NO CARS SHOULD STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET TO PICK UP THEIR CHILD. 

    ***Please do not stop your car in the street to pick up your child.  This is very dangerous!  

    Please park in a parking spot and wait for your child on the sidewalk in front of school.



    Woerner Dismissal Map

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