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Welcome to Washington Mont.


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    WASHINGTON MONT 1130 N. Euclid
    St. Louis, MO 63113
    Office (314) 361-0432
    Fax (314) 244-1927
    Principal: Lisa Small
    Hours: 9:10am-4:07pm
    Grades: PK-5

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    Daily schedule

     Dear Washington Montessori Parents, Families, and Partners,

    It is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for an incredible year of teaching and learning at Washington Montessori. We are excited to have our students back in our halls and classrooms as we work to inspire them towards their greatest potential. It is our mission to make sure that every child experiences instructional opportunities that will fill them with energy and a great enthusiasm for learning in order to boost academic achievement. With your support, I know we can make it happen.

    We hope that you will find our website helpful and informative as we use this as a primary medium to provide answers to pertinent questions. The Washington Montessori One-pager will provide information on some of the most commonly asked questions. In addition, our grade level teachers will provide key information regarding classroom systems and procedures.

    I am honored to serve as the principal of Washington Montessori Elementary School. It is truly a privilege to lead the only Montessori School with SLPS. More importantly, it is a blessing to be an integral part of a community where our partners, staff, teachers, students, and families work relentlessly to cultivate and maintain positive relationships to support student achievement.

    Please feel free to contact me at lisa.small@slps.org or at 314 934-5321


    In the Service of Children,

    Lisa R. Small

    Dr. Lisa R. Small


    Washington Montessori Quick Facts Sheet and Important Information

    Breakfast-Breakfast and student supervision begins at 8:30am and ends at 9:00am. Students will not be allowed in the building prior to this time. Students in grades PreK-4 will eat breakfast in the dining room and G5 will eat breakfast in the classroom on the second floor.

    Morning Arrival-If you are dropping off your students off in the morning, you may park on the East and West sides of Euclid Avenue. Please note the street parking signs which read: Restricted Parking 7am-9am, and 1pm-4pm, Monday-Friday


    Buses arrive on Euclid

    Bus riders enter Door #11


    Parent/Guardian Drop off

    Door 3 at Bayard Avenue


    Parent Drop off Students

    Enter Door #11

    9:10 and after

    All students enter Door #1 and stop by the main office


    Transportation-For questions regarding transportation, please call 389-1111

    School Uniform-Washington Montessori is a uniform school. All students must wear uniforms everyday:


    Hunter Green or Navy Blue


    Khaki or Black


    Covered toe shoes for playground and gym safety (no sandals, flip flops, house shoes)

    Shirts must be tucked in and belts must be worn with pants. Sagging pants are not allowed. Students may wear uniform shirts with jeans on Fridays.

    Classroom Visits: The goal of Washington Montessori is to ensure that the instructional time of each child is maximized. When visiting Washington Montessori, all parents must sign in at the front office and speak with the Family Community Specialist and follow the classroom visitor expectations and procedures.

    Early Dismissal: Parents are to report to the main office at door #1 by 3:15 to pick up students early in order to avoid being blocked in by the buses.

    End of the Day Dismissal: Riders and Pick-ups will be dismissed from door #3 in the library beginning at 3:51pm.  Students must be picked up by 4:15pm. Please be patient to ensure student safety. You may pick up a car rider visor with a matching book bag tag for your student from the main office. All bus riders will be dismissed from the front area of the first floor hallway.

    Before and Aftercare: Before and Aftercare is available by the YMCA in the dining room.

    Hours of operation are from 6:00am-8:30am and 4:15pm-6:30pm. You may obtain an application from the front office. There is a fee for this program.








Principal's Corner

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    Greetings to all my new and returning Washington Montessori Families

    I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to serve as your Principal Leader once again. Last, year, we have had an incredible year of teaching and learning. As I have previously expressed, I am committed to supporting our students and families and fostering a love of learning. I will continue to inspire my staff so that they will continue to inspire students and make a positive difference in their lives. We, as a collective, will continue to work as a team by setting high academic, attendance, and behavioral expectations and providing systems of support to ensure that they are met.

    We have made significant changes to our school culture to ensure that the needs of our students have been fulfilled. For our existing families, you have been the greatest system of support to us on behalf of your child. I am looking forward to expanding our relationships. Indeed, I am also eager to cultivate rich relationships with my new families.

    We all have a vital role in helping our children to become active, lifelong learners. Through a solid and collegial partnership with everyone who has a connection to Washington Montessori, I am confident that we can transform our school into an even better place for our students to learn and grow. I have had the opportunity to witness this first hand. Our Montessori instructional program is headed in a positive direction within our school, and the learning opportunities for our children are expanding. Our kiddos are growing. They are happy.

    Please make sure that you check our website at, www.slps.org/Domain/1700, frequently for important dates and activities. To start, we are planning our annual Title 1/Open house, which will take place early in September. This will be an opportunity to meet our school’s staff, your child’s teacher, and our school’s leadership team and to learn more about the Montessori Method.

    If you have any questions, please call us at (314) 361-0432.

    In the service of Children,

    Dr. Lisa Small






    Vision and Mission Statement