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  • Starting Friday, April 17, we will transition from daily to weekly food service. Every Friday, families will be able to pick up enough meals for seven days. This will occur Fridays only from 8 AM to noon. For information on meal sites, please visit www.slps.org/meals.


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  • Click here for our summer reading recommendations! 

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  • Resources

    Please visit our COVID-19 Resources Page for resources and information about distance learning, meals for students during school closures, how to protect yourself, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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  • Hello Busch Families!  Click on the following links for more information:

    ·         Pandemic SNAP/EBT Frequently Asked Questions



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Welcome to Busch


    busch building 5910 Clifton
    St. Louis, MO 63109
    Office 314-352-1043
    Fax 314-244-1728 or 314-244-1729

    Principal: Robert Lescher
    Hours: 7:10am - 2:07pm
    Grades: 6-8

    Click HERE for a map.

     Hello Busch families! Our school building will be closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year due to Coronavirus. 



    slps Click here to read the May 2020 Parent Newsletter. It contains inportant information about virtual learning and summer school! 


    hat Celebrating 8th Promotion!

    Click here to view the Power Point Slideshow - presentation version!


    When you open the Power Point, Click Slide Show, Click From Beginning or View in Presentation mode.

    The first few slides have links to speeches, and video messages. View these by clicking on the red title text. (If you are in create/edit view, you will need to press control plus click). You may want to stop the slide show and return to it after you view the other videos.

    Separate Links here:

    Speech by Mr. Lescher

    Video Introduction by Mr. Lescher and Mr. Martin

    Video Message by Amari and Jaylan Part 1

    Video Message by Jaylan and Amari Part 2


    We are offering virtual learning (online classes) for the rest of the school year.


    Remote Learning Options for Students 

    Remote and virtual learning is new, and this document is subject to change. 

    Purpose of Remote Learning 

    At Busch Middle School of Character, we are committed to providing learning opportunities to help your child progress into the next grade level. We realize this time out of school presents many challenges for families and we will accommodate for individual needs as we are able. Throughout this time of school closure, our teachers are providing opportunities for academic enrichment and progress through online classes in Microsoft Teams with links to assignments on teacher web pages and through students’ SLPS email accounts. The district is also providing paper learning packets for families with limited access to technology. Below are the three options for continuing learning during Quarter 4.  



    SLPS Learning Packet only 

    SLPS Learning Packet + E-learning  

    E-learning only 

    How to access? 

    Distributed at SLPS meal sites on Fridays 8 a.m. – 12 noon 

    Packets from SLPS meal sites AND 

    Students view assignments on teacher web pages at slps.org/busch OR 

    Students login via SLPS email on portal.office.com and follow links to Teams from teachers’ emails 

    Students view assignments on teacher web pages at slps.org/busch OR 

    Students login via SLPS email on portal.office.com and follow links to Teams from teachers’ emails 

    How to turn in completed assignments? 

    Students can take photos of completed pages and email the photos to teachers. 

    Packet drop-off will be arranged by the principal prior to the end of the school year. 

    (See left and right) 

    Students can take photos of completed pages and email the photos to teachers. 

    Students can attach files to email and send to teachers. 

    Students can upload saved documents to MS Teams in each class team. 

    Students can submit work directly in a Teams class by typing in the assignment


    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you have a scanner! Using the “Notes” app:  
    1) open a new note,  
    2) press the camera button,  
    3) choose scan Documents,  
    4) Keep Scan,  
    5) Save and 
    6) Send.  
    The scanned document will email with less bandwidth than a saved photo. 

    SLPS Learning Packet Information 

    The district creates a new learning packet every two weeks. Families may pick up the printed packets at food sites and it is available for download at www.slps.org/keeponlearning. If families decide to download the packet, they can do so using very little internet, to their phone, and then students could write their answers in a notebook or on loose leaf paper and email progress or photos of work to teachers.  

    Expected Remote Learning Time and Structure 

    • Approximately 2-3 hours per day; 30 minutes per core subject (Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies); 30-60 minutes per additional subjects (Music, Art, Physical Education & Health, ESOL Language, Reading and Math Intervention) 
    • All teachers will create assignments listed on their teacher web pages and in the online learning platform through office.com - Microsoft Teams. Teachers are providing review of content, continuation of learning, and new topics.  
    • Mathematics classes in all grades are also utilizing skills practice on www.ixl.com  
    • Science classes in all grades are also utilizing content and labs through HMH and Gizmos 
    • Reading and ELA classes are also utilizing skills practice on www.ixl.com  
    • Students with IEPs will receive support and modified assignments by their resource teacher in collaboration with classroom teachers 
    • Students receiving ESOL services will receive support and modified assignments by their ESOL teacher in collaboration with classroom teachers 

    Expectations for Students with Access to Technology  

    • Check in dailyto Microsoft Teams to see the day’s lessons and assignments for all subjects. 
    • Review the lessons and email your teacher with any questions or concerns. 
    • Submit work via Microsoft Teams or SLPS email. 
    • Read a minimum of 20 minutes daily (a book, magazine articles, or e-books).  
    • Complete recommended weekly IXL topics. 
    • Participate in a component of health and wellness (walk, run, jumping jacks & push-ups, exercise video, dance video, GoNoodle, yoga, meditation, etc). 
    • Identify a space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully  
    • Engage in all learning with academic honesty and do your best work 
    • Comply with District Technology Usage policies including expectations for online etiquette 

    Expectations for Students Without Technology 

    • Pick up a learning packet from any SLPS meal site approximately every two weeks.
    • Identify a space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully 
    • Engage in all learning with academic honesty and do your best work 
    • Review the lessons for each core subject area (Mathematics, English Language Arts. Science, Social Studies).
    • Complete one lesson per day in each core subject area.
    • Take a photo of completed pages and email the photos to your teachers OR save the packet for collection at the end of the quarter. (more details later)
    • Read a minimum of 20 minutes daily (a book, magazine articles, or e-books).
    • Keep track of your reading by writing down page numbers and book titles.
    • Enhance your reading by writing summaries or responses to the reading each day.
    • Participate in a component of health and wellness (walk, run, jumping jacks & push-ups, exercise video, dance video, GoNoodle, yoga, meditation, etc).

    Expectations for Parents 

    • Provide support for your children by:
    • Establishing routines and expectations for learning time, including breaks
    • Defining the physical space in your home for your child to study
    • Monitoring communications from your child’s teachers to stay up to date
    • Setting rules around their social media interactions
    • Beginning and ending each day with a check-in about schoolwork
    • Taking an active role in helping your child process his/her learning
    • Establishing times for quiet and reflection in addition to physical activity and/or exercise

    Attendance and Participation 

    During the school closure, regular attendance will not be taken. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in Missouri has allowed for some attendance waivers for districts. However, teachers are taking weekly “participation attendance” for students engaged in online learning, starting the week of April 27th. Students are expected to be completing schoolwork daily, whether online or offline with learning packets. 

    Teacher “Office Hours” 

    You may contact teachers during their office hours listed below via email and get a quick response. Any communication outside of office hours can expect a reply within 24 hours. 


    Days & Time 


    Days & Time 


    Days & Time 


    Days & Time 

    Ms. Abram  

    M-F: 9-11 & 1-3 

    Mr. Franklin  

    M-F: 12-2



    M: 9-11 

    T-F: 10-11 



    M-F: 10-12 


    Mr. Brown   

    Monday: 8-9 & 10-2 

    Friday: 8-1 

    Mr. Hoertel   


    M: 9-2 

    W: 10-3 

    Ms. Nikic   

    Th/F: 9-10 

    M/T/Th/F: 10-12 



    M-F: 10-12 

    Ms. Cook   

    M-F: 8-9 

    M/W/Th/F” 9-10 

    Tu: 10-11 

    Ms. Johnson   

    M-F: 9-11 

    Ms. Pfaff   

    W: 9-10 

    M/T/Th/F: 10-11 

    M-F: 1-2 

    Ms. Treadway 

    M-F: 11-12 & 1-2

    Ms. Diehl   

    M-F: 9-10 & 12-1 

    Mr. Kahn   

    M-F: 8-9 & 1-2 

    Ms. Riley   

    M: 8-10 

    T-F: 2-4 

    Mr. Trice 

    T/Th/F: 10-11 & 2-3

    M: 10-11 & 1-2

    W: 11-12 & 2-3

    Mr. Dooley   

    Th/F: 9-10 

    M: 12-2 

    T/Th: 12-1 

    T-F: 2-3 

    Mr. Kelting   

    M-F: 12-2 

    Ms. Schnell   

    W: 9-10 & 3-4 

    Th: 12-1 & 2-4 

    M: 2-3 

    T/F: 2-4 

    Ms. Tucker   

    M/F: 10-11 

    T/W: 10-1 

    Th: 10-12 

    Mrs. Dowis   

    M/T/Th: 10-12 

    W: 11-12 

    F: 10-1 

    Mrs. Henricks   

    M-F: 1-3 

    Ms. Seals 

    M/W: 8-1 

    Mr. Vierling   

    M-F: 10-12 & 1-3 

    Mr. Echols  

    M-F: 12-2

    Mr. Martin   


    M-F: 11-1 

    Mr. Stausing   

    M-F: 8-9 & 1-2

    Ms. Weidel 

    M-F: 1-3 

     Starting Monday, April 6 we will be offering classes online! Please click here for more information about how to access your online classes!


Principal's Corner

  • r lescher


    3/30/2020 Click here for a video message from Mr. Lescher!   


    Welcome to the Busch Middle School of Character Principal's Corner

     Hi Parents and Students,

    Well, we are beginning our virtual learning classes. I am asking for your patience and flexibility this first week. We have had some challenges with the programs we are using. We imagine that you will experience some challenges too. Do not panick and do not give up! We will eventually get this together and make it a smooth and effective learning program.

    Students, the most imortant thing to remember during this new adventure is to check in with your teachers. Let them know if you are having difficulties; they will understand. 

    While we are hearing scary statistics daily, I want to encourage everyone to take a few minutes out of your day and look at the budding trees and bushes. Everyday there is more growth. It really is a beautiful time of the year. Hopefully, you have the opportunity to observe some of these changes.

    Keep practicing socail distancing, washing hands and build up your imune system with exercise. In addition to the work your teachers give you, continue to read. If you do not have a book, read news articles on your phone.

    Be good for your parents and be kind to your brothers and sisters.

    Take care and stay safe!


    Mr. Lescher


    Robert Lescher
    Busch Middle School of Character
    (314) 324-2150



Our Mission

  • Our Mission: Our mission is to inspire our students to value academic and personal growth through character education and to empower them to become contributing members of our global society.