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    Sumner High School

    4248 Cottage Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63113
    Office 314-371-1048
    Fax 314-531-9852 or 314-244-1917
    Principal: Dr. Michael Triplett
    (grades 11th-12th)
    Christopher McNeil (grade 9th-10th)
    Hours: 8:05am - 3:02pm
    Grades: 9-12

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Principal's Corner 11-12

  • Welcome to the Sumner High School Principal's Corner for Students in Grades 11-12

    Dr. Triplett  


    Welcome Back Bulldog Family!
    My name is Dr. Michael D. Triplett, and it’s my honor to serve as Principal of the Charles Sumner High School. Hopefully your summer has been spent enjoying your families, resting and vacationing to revive yourselves. A new school year presents opportunities for various beginnings – new/old classes, new/old faces and new materials.  
    As leader of Sumner, I need and rely on the support of ALL stakeholders: students, families, staff, community and faith-based partnerships to ensure that we maintain a safe, engaging and high-quality learning environment for all students, as well as a safe and welcoming environment of partnership for parents and community.

    This year, we will focus on processes that spur continual advancement: evaluating what we have, determining what we can do to improve, and identifying what we need to make those improvements.

    I am committed to restoring, strengthening and maintaining the Bulldog Pride and Legacy of Excellence that began 140-plus years ago!

    I look forward to meeting you soon!
    Dr. Michael Triplett, Principal


Principal's Corner 9-10

  • Welcome to Sumner High School Principal's Corner for Students in the 9-10 Grades


    Mr. Christopher McNeil

    Greeting Parents:

    Welcome Back! The 2017-2018 academic year promises to be a time that will be filled with golden opportunities available for all of Sumner Academy scholars, as we strive to find ways that we can all be even better than we were before. We embark on this new journey with a pledge to our students and parents that this will be a year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms that will be combined with special events, extracurricular clubs, activities, performing arts groups, and athletic teams that are certain to encourage our Bulldogs to be involved and stay connected! 

    During these past few weeks, I have had many interactions with parents, teachers and students. From these conversations, it is clear there is a collegial partnership between all stakeholders to provide the best possible academic experience for our students. I look forward to fostering these relationships and working with teachers and staff to provide a world-class educational experience for each Sumner scholar. In order for this to occur, we invite you to join in guiding and supporting your scholar(s) learning to ensure that he/she:

    1. Attend school daily and arrive on time to maximize the day’s learning experience.
    2. Complete all classroom and homework assignments given by all teachers.
    3. Read daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills.
    4. Share school experiences to ensure awareness of school life and culture.
    5. Inform us if you need additional support in any area or subject.
    6. Follow all the rules and procedures set forth by Sumner and SLPS.

    I feel truly blessed to serve as instructional leader at Sumner’s Academy.


    Christopher McNeil 

     Students Knowing More. Doing More. Becoming More.




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  • shot

    New Vaccination Required! Before our 7th grade and 11th grade students start 8th and 12th grade (respectively) in 2017-2018, they must receive a vaccine against meningitis, an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. 


    Students entering 8th grade must also receive the Tdap vaccine, so parents can get them done during the same visit to the doctor. If your student going into the 12th grade received the first meningitis immunization at age 16 or later, a second one will not be needed. Otherwise, two are required for 12th grade students. Please have this immunization done as soon as possible, and make sure your School Nurse receives a copy. Please contact your School Nurse or the Nurse Coordinator at 314-345-4401 for questions.


    Vaccination Resources



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