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  • Attention seniors, please take the graduation survey to voice your oppinion.  Here is the link:   Graduation Survey



    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams                                                                                                                                Superintendent- Saint Louis Public Schools

    Dorothy Rohde-Collins                                                                                                                                    President- Board of Education of the City of St. Louis

    April 14, 2020

    Dear Saint Louis Public Schools Families,

    On April 9, 2020, we announced in conjunction with the Governor that district schools will remain closed through the remainder of the school year. This difficult decision was made jointly with St. Louis City charter schools, Catholic schools, independent schools and St. Louis County schools to ensure a coordinated response across the region.                                                                                                       

    This historic experience will, no doubt, reshape how we work together to promote teaching and learning. Through it all, know that Saint Louis Public Schools is relentlessly committed to…

    ● maintaining and strengthening our relationship with your child, even though we can’t gather in our school buildings in the way we have in the past.● providing an internet-capable device to every single student who needs one to access their learning. ● engaging our students in quality virtual learning experiences.● providing support to your family academically and emotionally, so that you don’t have to navigate these changes alone. ● protecting the health and safety of our students, families and employees.● leveraging our resources equitably so that everyone, including our most vulnerable students, can thrive.● striving toward excellence, even during this undeniably challenging time, so that we reemerge better and stronger at its conclusion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    This rapidly changing situation means we must work through challenges complicated by coronavirus safety mandates. So far, we have received nearly 10,000 requests for iPads or hotspots and prepared and/or distributed more than 5,400 devices. We are working quickly, but ask for your patience, as we process all of the requests. If your family is still in need of a device or hotspot, please complete the technology survey at or contact your child’s principal or the Special Education Department at 314-633-5325 or 314-345-2491.
    Our educators are working tirelessly behind the scenes to rewrite lesson plans for virtual learning, update school websites, adapt to learning new technology and contact every student regularly. As you can imagine, this is a major adjustment, and it will take a bit more time to refine the process, but this commitment to upgrading our technology and skills will positively impact how we teach and how students learn both now and in the future. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your teacher or principal to ask questions or get updates. If you aren’t able to make contact, please call 314-437-8430 for assistance. Over the coming weeks, you can expect regular communications from both the Central Office and your child’s school regarding learning assignments, year-end traditions like prom and graduations, summer school and the 2020-2021 school year. Our website will always have the most current information, but we’ll also be utilizing automated calls, email and social media to make announcements. Please make sure your child’s principal has your current phone number and email address, so that you don’t miss any information. We know this is a stressful and emotional time—it is for us also. We miss being able to welcome you into our buildings and providing learning experiences every day. However, our mission to provide a quality education for all students remains unchanged. We’ll see you back at school as soon as we are allowed to reopen our school buildings. Until then, let’s all work together to stay safe while we learn together—at home.


    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams                                                  Dorothy Rohde-Collins                                                    Superintendent                                                         President                                                                                  Saint Louis Public Schools                                       Board of Education of the City of St. Louis



    I hope all of our families are staying safe and healthy!  As you know we have transitioned to online learning until we start school again.  Please see the information below if you need assistance.

    E-learning begins on April 6th!

    What is E-Learning?    Students will receive their lessons via their SLPS email, teacher’s websites and Microsoft teams.

    How do I know what to do? Teachers have reached out to their students

    For the duration of E-learning student should check into their Microsoft Teams (classes) each day, Monday through Friday to complete the required coursework online.

    What do I need to complete the work? A device that has internet capability. i.e. laptop, Chromebook, smartphone, Ipad etc.

    •  If you need a device, please go to to fill out the tech survey. Hotspots and devices are available.
    • Students can access their classes at:
    • Students can access their email at:                                                                                                                                                                                       
    • If students need their email login or password, please email

    When are staff available? All staff will hold virtual hours during the week. The schedule is included in their Micosoft Teams and linked below

    Staff Schedule for Virtual Hours

    What if I have questions?   Using the reference sheet below, you can contact staff/departments  via email.




    Important District Information Contact information for services.

    Metro's Virtual Learning Plan



    Metro High School 4015 McPherson
    St. Louis, MO 63108
    Office: 314-534-3894
    Fax: 314-244-1838
    Principal: Steven Lawler
    Hours: 7:10am - 2:07pm
    Grades: 9-12

    Click HERE for a map.



Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to Metro A&C High School's Principal Corner



    Metro Parents/Guardians,

     Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! I look forward to meeting all of you soon, if we haven’t connected already. 2018-19 was a banner year for Metro. We experienced great success in athletics and academics, winning numerous championships and awards. We have a great group of students and look forward to adding the class of 2023 to our Metro family.

     Although we had a great year in 2018-19, we are always trying to improve what we do. Several things to look forward to this year:

    1)      A focus on emotional well-being (stress management) through our De-stress activities and advisory topics centered on study habits, organization etc. We are also beginning an advisory “competition” that will promote camaraderie and infuse some silliness and fun into the advisory program.

    2)      We have added several new course offerings (IB Politics, IB Sports and Health Science)

    3)      The activity fee for this year will be $70

    4)      Senior Dues will be remain at $200

     We have also added some excellent new staff members. Please make sure you meet the individuals listed and introduce yourselves on your next visit to school. We feel confident that their addition will add to Metro’s success.

    Assistant Principal – Kaylan Holloway 

    Social Studies- Diana Christy 

    English – Anthony Nipert

    Book Keeper -Alexis McGee

     I look forward to seeing you and your students. Thank you in advance for your assistance in making 2019-20 the best year in Metro history!

    Steven Lawler

    Principal, Metro Academic and Classical High School

    Steven Lawler 


    Metro Academic and Classical High School 

    Home of the smartest students in the state of Missouri!                                                                                                                                                                       


    Metro’s Mission



    Metro Academic and Classical High School will create a rigorous college preparatory atmosphere that develops passion for lifelong learning, service, global-mindedness, independence, and critical thinking.




Our Mission

  • Our Mission: Our mission is to provide a challenging and quality education that will focus on high standards and expectations, in an atmosphere of unity, enthusiasm, caring, and respect for self, others and the community.