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The CDC has determined that individuals who have been vaccinated will not have to quarantine after COVID exposures. In addition, athletes in SLPS will not have to complete B-Weekly testing if they have been vaccinated.

Please see the three attachments for sports information and forms. 

Please welcome/congratulate Mr. Tenelle Buford. He has been selected as our new varsity basketball coach for boys. He will also be joining us as a building substitute. Tenelle is a Metro Alumni and helped the basketball program last year.

Please see message below concerning immunizations that are needed to start school.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Missouri state law requires students in 8th, 9th, and 12th grade be immunized against Meningitis. Freshman (9th grade) are required to have one dose of the Meningococcal vaccine. Seniors (12th grade) are required to have two doses. Failure to comply with state law and district rules will result in your child being excluded from school and all school activities until the requirements are met. If you have a doctor’s appointment for your child please notify the school nurse with the appointment date to prevent exclusion. Please provide a copy of the immunizations received right away to the school nurse.

The following are names of the meningococcal vaccine:
Below are other resources in the community where immunizations are given.

• Family Care 314-531-5444
• Affinia (formerly Grace Hill Health Centers) 314-814-1700
• Affinia Urgent Care 314-898-1782
• Missouri Health Department–South County 314-367-5820
• People’s 314-367-7848
• St. Louis Children’s Hospital Healthy Kids Express–mobile-314-286-0947
• Urgent Care for Kids (Evenings and Weekends) 314-932-7333
• Health Resource Center (Saturdays) 389-0008

Or go to for more options