Metro Academic and Classical Community Service Program

    Mission and Vision Statement 

    As part of Metro Classical and Academic High School’s mission, we are dedicated to the classical tradition of civics education through service to others.  The Metro Community Service Program (MCSP) guides students as they learn the value of service to one’s community and the importance of caring for the welfare of others.  The MCSP is a platform to promote and assist students as they form life-long habits of civic engagement through local, national, and global service experiences.

    Meaningful Service

    The service requirement should be meaningful service. After listening to input and suggestions from our stakeholders we have decided that 200 hours of community service will be required for graduation. These hours should be completed over the course of four years. No more than 75 hours should be submitted any single year. 

    Due to the limited ability for students to perform community service during Covid-19. The following requirements have been instituted for different graduating classes. 

    Class of 2024    150 hours
    Class of 2025    200 hours
    Class of 2026    200 hours 
    Class of 2027    200 hours


    School-based projects and impactful service hours will be promoted, while “nice deeds” and helpful actions, while they will be celebrated, will not be counted towards service hours. We believe these changes will steer the service learning component away from “hours to be completed” to meaningful service to others.

    In order to assist students to find the most personal, fulfilling, and impactful service, the MCSP is dedicated to supporting students through this four-year process.  The goals of MCSP are to:

    1.    Link students with proven community service sites that fit students’ interests and are safe.
    2.    Direct service back into SLPS and the students and families the district serves.
    3.    Create lasting connections with service sites outside of Saint Louis and abroad to support our IB principles.

    Examples of service hours can include: camp counseling, tutoring of SLPS students, mentoring elementary and middle school students, food pantry or social causes, volunteering, school based projects that serve or improve Metro, beautification days, organizing blood drives, facilitating a donation drive etc. Students should not be paid for service hours and internships, unless they are specifically service based, should not be used to complete the service component.  

    Through their service, students can gain valuable life and work experiences, build lasting relationships with community members, develop their character, and contribute to strengthening their communities and their school. Thank you for helping us by encouraging your student to complete meaningful service hours. 




     I have read and understand the above policy and the implications it has on my child’s graduation from Metro Academic and Classical High School.

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    Click this link for a copy of this policy. Service Learning
    Click this link to access a copy of our COMMUNITY SERVICE LOG
    The log is used to keep track of your community service hours. Once you complete the log, submit it as soon as possible. Make a copy for your own file.