• Clubs and Organizations

    Clubs are based on student interest and led by students with a staff sponsor. Students can begin a new club if they have five student members and a staff sponsor. Metro has a wide array of clubs to address student interests. Among them are:
    Accolades Dr.T/Dr. Haymore
    America Sign Language (ASL) Valle
    Announcements Richardson/Dr. T
    Art Club Seiler
    Asian American Association (AAA) Pontillas
    Black Student Union  Washington
    Book Club Kukay
    Boys’ Volleyball Club Washington
    Chess Koric
    Cinematography Club Van Pelt
    Debate Foster
    Drama Jones
    Environmental Club (Recycling) Van Pelt
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Burton
    French Club Wilson
    Garden Club Valle
    GSA Reef
    Hispanics of Metro Club Allen
    International Club (festival) Valle
    Math Club Burton
    Melodrama Allen
    Metro Hackathon Koric
    Metro Mix Jones
    Metro News J. Chambers, Foster, Washington & Wilson
    Metro Newspaper Green
    Metro Women’s Association (MWA) E. Chambers
    Model UN Eplin & Washington
    NHS Clark & Yentumi
    Outdoor Club Coach T
    Photography Club Seiler
    Ping Pong Koric
    Poetry Club E. Chambers
    Poetry Club E. Chambers
    Puzzle Club Van Pelt
    Robotics Club  
    Science Club Selimovic
    Social Justice Green  
    Spanish Club Valle
    Student Council Green & Christy
    Students on the Go! Seiler
    Tech Crew J. Chambers
    Ultimate Club Coach T
    Vogue Brooks
    Yearbook Seiler
    Yoga Selimovic