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Welcome to Gateway Middle


    gateway middle building 1200 N. Jefferson
    St. Louis, MO  63106
    Office: 314.241.2295
    Fax: 314.244.1786
    Principal: Dr. A. Michael Shaw
    Hours: 8:05 a.m. - 3:02 p.m.
    Grades 6 - 8

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Principal's Corner

  • Dr. A. Michael Shaw

    Dear Parents and Students,

    It is truly an honor to work at Gateway Middle School (GMS) for year two as your Principal.  We made significant strides last school year academically, behaviorally and in attendance. As I begin the year, it brings me joy to collaborate with remarkable educators and community stakeholders in fostering a positive educational experience for our students. Gateway Middle School was established in 1995 to foster a unique learning experience for students from throughout the SLPS District. Our goal is to educate for excellence by empowering students to become compassionate, confident, creative, resourceful members of a global society. Our Moto this school year is: “BE STRONG!” which stands for Believe, Expect, Study, Train, Reflect & Ruminate, Optimize, Nurture and Grow & Go! Each month of the school year we will embrace one of the ten Power Words to guide us to greater success!

    Gateway Middle School encourages the involvement of parents and the community in your child’s educational experience. Parental involvement, mentorship and partnerships are an essential component to student success, as research continues to show a strong correlation between increased stakeholder involvement and high student success. Gateway Middle School invites you to participate in our school activities throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

    It is important that you and your child familiarize yourself with the student handbook and guidelines presented at enrollment to assure that it is understood what it takes to be successful at GMS. It is important that your child puts fort strong academic effort, maintains good behavior and maintains high regular attendance. The specific goals for these areas will be explained in detail in the student handbook that you will receive. In addition, please use our website as a resource for updated information and news happening at GMS. My hopes are for you to get a snapshot of your child’s school experience through our updated webpage.

    I am privileged and honored to have the opportunity to service your student at Gateway Middle School for another year. Together we will have a great school year as we prepare your child for success.

    Be Strong Always,

    Dr. A. Michael Shaw, GMS Principal



  • Our Mission: To inspire a dynamic learning community that fosters social and academic growth while focusing on student accountability, student achievement, and parent involvement.

    Our Vision: We aim to inspire and empower students to excel both academically and socially while preparing them to be productive citizens and future leaders.  



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  • Gateway MST Middle School is proud to announce that they are a part of the Healthy Schools Healthy Community Grant, which is a grant to help fight childhood obesity. One of the initiatives is teaching the students healthy eating. We have done activities in the past like making healthy snacks in the classroom, receiving water bottles for all students, installing a water bottle filling station on all floors of the school, and given brand new exercise equipment for students and staff to enjoy. 

    As part of the grant, the school is required to ensure that all students are practicing healthy eating habits. Saint Louis Public Schools proudly offers all five-food groups, to all students, during lunch each day for FREE. Along with a free lunch, the district also provides free breakfast every day.

    One of the biggest concerns that the district has is that students are bringing in unhealthy snacks.

    We are asking parents/guardians to help by sending only healthy smart snacks with your child. The following are some example of snacks that will be permitted into school without a lunch:


    Cereal Bars

    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    • Trix Cereal Bar
    • Cocoa Puff Cereal Bar


    • Reduced Fat Nacho Cheese Doritos
    • Reduced Fat Cool Ranch Doritos
    • Reduced Fat Cheetos Puffs Mellow Cheese
    • Reduced Fat Cheetos Puffs Flamin’ Hot
    • Baked Cheetos Crunchy
    • Baked Cheetos Flamin’ Hot
    • Original Baked Lays
    • BBQ Baked Lays
    • Sour Cream & Onion Baked Lays

    Nutrigrain Bars

    • Strawberry
    • Blueberry

    Rice Krispy Treat

    String Cheese

    Bosco Cheese Sticks

    Moving forward, students who bring chips, candy, soda or energy drinks that are not considered a smart snack, may have those items confiscated by staff.  All sunflower seeds (in shells) will be confiscated as well.

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  • The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) tracks certain measures of academic achievement and educational equity in accordance with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to ensure that all Missouri students have equal opportunities to grow and succeed, regardless of where they live or where they go to school. DESE is using this accountability system to identify ways to support local schools as we work to improve for the benefit of our students.  Click here to learn more and read the full letter from Dr. Shaw.

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    “Dressing Our Youth for a Successful Future”


    At Gateway MST, we want to establish a culture of unity, sense of belonging, and Jaguar Pride! School uniforms help promote a safe and healthy socio-emotional learning environment where students can focus on academics, the arts, and character development. Students and families of Gateway MST are expected to adhere to the newly revised uniform policy.


    WHITE short/long sleeved polo collared shirts White Shirt



    FOREST GREEN short/long sleeved polo collared shirts Green Shirt



    GOLD short/long sleeved polo collared shirts Gold Shirt




    Absolutely NO SAGGING will be permitted.  Belts are to be worn daily with pants, skirts, and shorts.



    ALL grades are to wear khaki or navy bottoms.          

    (No jeans, denim, or camouflage apparel are permitted)

    All shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be knee-length.



    Uniform colors are acceptable with the appropriate uniform shirt. HOODED JACKETS, HOODED SWEATERS or HATS are NOT Permitted to be worn in the building. We ask that parents/guardians please do not send students to school with hoodies.



    Students will receive a loaner uniform if they are not in uniform. They are responsible to turn the loaner uniform in at the end of each day. Students in violation of the uniform policy will receive an appropriate consequence as follows:

    1st Offense:  Loaner Uniform (Each Offense)

    2nd Offense:  Conference with Student

    3rd Offense:  Phone call to parent (s)/guardians

    4th Offense:  Referral to ISS (In-School Suspension)

    5th Offense:  Admin conference with parent/guardian and student


    If you have any questions regarding the uniform policy contact the principal. If you need additional information on how to secure the uniform items contact the school counselor 314-241-2295.  We will gladly work with families to help meet our students’ needs.

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  • Cell Phone Policy

    You can find our Cell Phone and Electonics Policy by clicking here

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  • Vaccination Resources


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