Mr. Jordan Taylor

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Mr. Jordan Taylor

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Parents, care-givers, and students: If you are looking for ELA resources for summertime, please click on this LINK. You will find a summer reading list and an online learning program called IXL. Have a great summer!!!

This is a strange way to end a school year, but there is something positive that will last much longer than the virus - memories. You will never forget your seventh-grade year. It will forever be linked to history.

And I will never forget you. I often tell people that you are not just my students, you are my teammates. We work together after all. We shared many ups and many downs, many failures and many successes. As I look back and add it all up, one thing remains clear: there is no other group of kids I would want to face a crisis with.

You amazed me with your resilience and determination. It makes me smile to know that you are the generation that will be in charge one day soon. Hard times make hard people, and hard people restore the good times.

Like we learned from Invictus, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. This year you proved that beyond any doubt.

May the sun shine upon you as you sail into the wild waters of the rest of your life.


Jordan Taylor

Gateway Middle School - 2020

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