Phone: 314-241-2295 x22510


Degrees and Certifications:

Central Missouri State University Bachelors Science in Public Relations Masters Degree in Social Work from St. Louis University.

Ms. Vickie Boyd

My name is Vickie Boyd I am the Social Worker at Gateway Middle School. I have been a school social worker for 5 years.  My goal as a school social worker is to help resolve your students problems so they can come to school ready to learn.  I am trained to work with your children in many different areas:

*Conflict mediation

*Crisis intervention

*Classroom presentation

*Community referrals

*Helping with Special Education Assessments

So What Does A Social Worker Do?

School Social Workers work with students and parents ad teachers to nurture success. A major goal is to help reduce and ideally eliminate, problems and obstacles that that interfete with a student learning.  When a request for service is made I begin by looking at the student's unique situation and look to see wat factors may be an obstacle.  Next I develope plan that works with the students strengths.  Attitude and behavior are areas where the the student has the most personal power to work on improving.  In addition I look to use the student's positive influences such as support and involvement from parnets, other school professionals and community services are critical inthe goal planning process.  The entire Gateway Middle School staff is here to assist in teaching students more effective skills, ecouraging them in healthy direction and habits, and coaching them forward through personal and academic challenges.


How Students Are Referred To The Social Worker

*School personnel


*Community Agencies

*Student Self Referral