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    516 Loughborough
    St. Louis, MO 63111
    Office: 314-353-1349
    Fax: 314-244-1718
    Principal: Dr. Ingrid Iskali
    Hours: 8:05am-2:02pm
    Grades: PK-8

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    Hello Lyon Families,

    The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your child will be taking the state MAP test between April 19-May 14. All students must test in person, even if they are usually virtual.  Health and safety measures have been in place since October.  Information about those measures are below and we will orient to students to these routines as soon as they arrive at school for their test. 

    The testing schedule is as follows:

    Monday APR 19

    Tuesday APR 20

    Wednesday APR 21

    Thursday APR 22

    Friday APR 23

    6th Grade - ELA



    6th Grade– Math

    3,4,5th Grade– ELA

    3,4,5th Grade – Math

    4th Grade- ELA

    5th Grade – Science

    Monday APR 26

    Tuesday APR 27

    Wednesday APR 28

    Thursday APR 29

    Friday APR 30

    7th Grade - ELA


    7th Grade– Math

    8th Grade - ELA


    8th Grade– Math

    8th Grade – Science



    Overview of the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP)

    MAP stands for Missouri Assessment Program. It is a series of assessments for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science at grades 3-8. MAP assessments are designed to see if students in Missouri are meeting the Show-Me Standards. Grade-Level Assessments are given in English Language Arts and Mathematics at grades 3-8, while Science is assessed at grades 5 and 8.

    The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade and content area for success in college, other post-secondary trainings and careers. The Missouri Learning Standards give school administrators, teachers, parents and students a roadmap for learning expectations in each grade and course; the Missouri Assessment Program access’ those standards.

    General Questions

    How will students arrive to school on testing days?

    In-Person students will get to school as they normally do, via bus, parent drop off and/or pick-up and walk.

    Virtual students can catch the bus or be dropped off with the option of being picked up from school once they have completed testing.

    Morning and afternoon bus transportation is available for virtual students that would like to stay for the entire day. We will reach out to all parents of virtual students the weeks of April 5-16 to confirm your mode of transportation. If you would like to drop off your child for testing, please ensure that they arrive by 8 AM on the days they test.

    Bus riders are required to wear a mask while on the bus. Drivers will ensure physical distancing is maintained on the bus and instruct students on where to sit.


    Where will the virtual students test?

    • Testing for in-person students will take place in their regular classroom with their classroom teacher.
    • Testing for virtual students will test in separate classrooms in the building to allow for social distancing and safety.

    Homeroom teachers and other Lyon staff members will administer the testing for virtual students that are in the building. It is required that all Missouri Assessment Program testing for students be on site.

    Can parents pick up their children after the testing is complete for the day?

    Parents/guardians may pick up their children after their testing is complete. Parents must arrange ahead of the testing day with the office regarding picking up their child. All virtual students will be housed away from other in person students. Parents can also choose to have their virtual student remain in school for the entire day(s) of testing. Students will not miss any virtual lessons or assignments on days the test.

    What technology is used for testing?

    For State Testing, all iPads serving 3rd through 8th Grades will be locked down for testing. iPads will be reset to their normal settings after testing. All students will use their district issued iPad. All iPads must be charged nightly.

    We ask that all virtual students bring their fully charged iPad to school along with a charger. We will have additional technology in the building for students who never picked up an iPad at the beginning of the school year. Headphones will be given to each student. Headphones and tablets will not be shared.

    Will physical distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols be in place?

    YES. All students will adhere to physical distancing practices (at least six feet between students at all time) and mask mandates. All students will have assigned seats. All students MUST wear a facemask.


    Will Health Check Procedures occur every day?

    YES. Temperatures of students will be taken at the beginning of each school day.

    Parents are encouraged to ask their child about symptoms of illness before sending them to school. This will reduce the chance that parents will send their child to school when they are ill. The parent will be contacted if a student reports to school and has a temperature of 100.4 or higher or describes symptoms of being ill. We will have a designated room in the building for that student until the parent arrives. Routine cleaning and disinfecting will take place in the testing room to maintain a safe environment for all.

    Will Prevention Procedures be in place 100% of the day?

    YES. Handwashing will take place before and after lunch and as students frequent the restroom. All students will adhere to physical distancing practices (at least six feet between students at all time) and mask mandates. All students will have assigned seats.

    All students MUST wear a facemask.

    What is the morning procedure for dropping off my child?

    Our doors open at 7:40. All students may enter through Door # 11 off of Virginia Avenue. Staff will be outside to help virtual students check in and go to their testing room.

    What happens if my child does not take the test?

    It is a districtwide expectation that each student in grades 3-8 take the MAP test (make up days are available). If you are unable to come to the building to take the MAP, please let the office know. The office’s phone number is 314-353-1349.

    Will lunch be provided?

    Yes, breakfast and lunch will be provided for all students. Students may bring their lunch if they choose. Brain breaks and restroom breaks will also take place during testing. All virtual students that are attending school for the MAP test will eat breakfast and lunch in the same classroom they test in.

    Thank you for ensuring your student is at school on time the days she or he is testing. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about MAP.





    Dr. Ingrid Iskali

Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to the Lyon Academy Principal's Corner


    Dear Students and Families,

    As we embark upon the Third Quarter, the staff at Lyon are committed to providing safety while delivering high-quality instruction and a great learning experience.

    We will continue to use our hybrid model for the third quarter (In-Person and Virtual/ 5 days a week). If you selected to send your student in person on the district survey sent to you in December, your student is permitted to come to school everyday school is in session, given there are no health and/or safety concerns. Per your transportation needs, you will receive a bus letter indicating your student’s route number and bus stop. Otherwise, please reach out to the transportation department at 314.389.1111 ext. 1.

    While some of our students return to in-person learning, many of our students will continue to learn from home. Our hybrid-learning option considers ALL families who wish to keep their student virtual and those who wish to send their children to school. All families can expect:

    • Design-standards based virtual/blended learning modules/units of study.
    • Teacher websites updated regularly with information about what students are learning.

    For our in person students, our doors open at 7:40 AM daily. Instruction will begin at 8:05 AM. Our dismissal time is 2:02 PM. For in-person students, please carefully read the following.

    • Students learning in person at Lyon will adhere to physical distancing practices and mask mandates.
    • Students must come to school daily with their fully charged iPad and charger
    • Physical distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place.
    • Lunch will be eaten in classrooms. Parents who opt to send lunch with their child are asked not to send general allergen foods such as nuts, peanuts and shellfish.
    • ALL students MUST wear a facemask. (Please send your child to school with mask). As per the CDC and Lyon’s Nurse White, a mask must cover a student’s mouth and nose at all times. If a student has to continually adjust his or her mask, it doesn’t fit properly, and you might need to find a different mask type or brand.
    • Students will be screened daily by providing answers to the following:
    • Do you have a cough?
    • Have you been around anyone sick?
    • Temperatures will be taken. (Those students who have a body index of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home.


    • All students arriving via school bus will enter the building from Virginia Avenue. There, they will be screened and then to report to their classroom for breakfast. Masks must be worn to cover the nose and mouth. Social distancing measures will be in place.
    • Students who walk or who are arriving by car will enter the from Virginia Avenue. No one will enter through the front door.
    • It is important that students are on time. We will stop admitting students after 9 AM. If your child cannot make it to school by 9 AM, he or she will join classes virtually that day.
    • At Dismissal, bus riders will remain in their classroom with their teacher. Buses will be called over the intercom.
    • Students being picked up or walking home will be escorted to the cafeteria by Lyon staff members and be released to parents on the Vermont Avenue side of the school.
    • Early Dismissals: We are aware that there are times when situations occur; however, we ask that you try to keep students at school for the duration of the school day unless it is an emergency. If such should occur, please contact the school secretary with the exact time of your arrival so that we can take the necessary precautions to ensure that you retrieve your child and that we are following our COVID norms. 1:30 is the cut off time for early dismissal as our staff will be busing preparing for regular dismissal.
    • If your child is being picked up, rather than riding the bus, you need to inform the main office by 1 PM. If you are not at Lyon by 2 PM to pick up your child, we will put your child on the bus.


    For students continuing with the Virtual Model of Hybrid Instruction, please note the following:

    • Your child will keep the same teacher(s)
    • Your child will participate virtually, in many cases with added support from a dedicated staff member assigned to that class.
    • Your child will actively participate in class through a two-way “live-stream” in Microsoft Teams, if attending virtually.
    • Your child will do the same work in the same applications at the same times per day for five days per week as all other classmates, whether they attend in person or virtually.
    • Your child will have standards based and blended models of instruction.



    In partnership,

    Dr. Iskali


Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission: To provide an environment where students feel safe, valued and able to learn.

    Our Vision: To prepare all students to be successful through high school and beyond.





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