• Welcome to our Related Arts Team page.  Please check out the links below for some exciting activities.
    Art Games - The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, in Buffalo, NY, has created a stimulating, art-focused website.  Kids can design their own abstract paintings online, learn about pioneering artists, and discover painting techniques. 
    Marvel Kids Comic Creator - Many kids would jump at the chance to create their own Marvel comic. With this comic creator, they can choose from a host of heroes and villains and design paneled comic strips or even 22-page books.  While practicing artistic mastery, kids experiment with storytelling techniques such as crafting dialogue, writing humor, and creating suspense.  What better way to learn while being entertained?
    NGA Kids - The National Gallery of Arts website for children is both informational and fun.  Highlights include the Photo Op program, which is an interactive introduction to digital photography and image editing.  Kids can use the virtual camera to snap pictures and then experiment with photo-editing tools to create photographic masterpieces.  In addition, they can create virtual paintings, assemble collages, and delve into art history.
    Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Free Educational videos
    Music Instrument Museum (MIM) - Virtual Tour - Great in person (in Phoenix, AZ), however this virtual tour gives you a wonderful look at the history of different instruments from around the world. 
    Online Music Games - Ultimate list of Online Music Games.
    We offer the following classes for related arts:
    Band - Ms. Keely
    Choir -Mr. Herron
    Coding - Mr. Herron
    Computer Science - Mr. Williams
    Instrumental (general) music - Ms. Keely 
    Physical Education & Health - required for all middle school students - Mr. Parker (Boys P.E. & Health) & Ms. Easley (Girls P.E. & Health)
    Video Production - this is an 8th grade course for creative students seeking to learn how to create high quality and informative videos. - Mr. Herron
    Library - Ms. Sledge
    If you have any questions about our department, please contact your child's related arts teachers or the Department Head Michael.Herron@slps.org