Larisa Selimovic


    Name: Larisa Selimovic-Milo
    Room Number(s): 211
    Subject(s): Honors Biology, IB SL and HL Biology
    Building Phone: 314-534-3894 ext. 211
    " Every scientist was once a curious student who never stopped asking questions." - A. Einstein
                      - 1999 earned Medical Degree from Zagreb University School of Medicine
                      - 1999 moved to St. Louis from Croatia
                      - 2000 started teaching in SLPS, Biology/AP Biology at Roosevelt High School
                      - 2008 received Masters in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis
                      - 2013 became part of Metro Science department team


    • 2022 St. Louis Public Schools Teacher of the Year, Science Secondary Schools
    Interests:    Reading, running and skiing.