•  Virtual Learning Etiquette

    Metro Academic and Classical High School

    2020-21 School Year

    •  Arrive to live class meetings on time, or a few minutes early.
    •  Keep microphone on mute, unless participating in a discussion, asking/answering a question, or presenting.
    •  Leave your camera on. You may blur your camera or add a sticker background.
    •  Make sure you are in a quiet area. Limit background noise and other distractions.
    •  Wear appropriate attire. Upper body must be covered and images/words on clothing should be school appropriate.
    •  Background and surrounding area should be clear of distracting items. Items that can be seen in video should be school appropriate.
    •  Use school appropriate language/gestures when speaking or posting messages.
    •  Messages sent to peers should be related to the content and should follow guidelines set by teacher.