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    • Panther Pride!
    • The Metro A&C High School PTO has two fundraising opportunities during the school year:- The Annual Fund Drive for the school year typically runs from mid-October through the end of November*.- The Annual Trivia Night is held in the spring and there are many ways to help support it (buy a table, donate an auction item, buy a sponsorship, etc.).Combined, our goal is to raise approximately $40,000-$45,000 each school year. A tax-deductible gift to Metro High PTO helps support our teachers and students throughout the school year. No gift is too small - 100% school participation is our goal. Here's a sample of how your donation helps:

    -Teacher appreciation events and gifts     

    -Classroom grants to further advance the education and needs of our students

    -Homecoming & Spring Fling dances

    -Freshman picnic

    -School beautification

    -Naviance college planning software

    -Coach appreciation gifts

    -Teacher meals & breakfasts

    -And much more!

    Three easy ways to donate:

    #1 - Donate by credit card, direct debit from your bank or Apple Pay/Google Pay (depending on your browser) by clicking HERE. 

    #2 - Donate by sending a check made out to Metro PTO - send it to school and have it put in the PTO mailbox or mail it directly to our treasurer (Jennifer Anania - email metrohighpto@gmail.com for address).

    #3 - Donate using PayPal (one time or a monthly donation) by clicking HERE

    The Metro A&C High School PTO was approved to be a 501(c)3 during the summer of 2023. All donations made directly to Metro PTO will now be considered tax deductible. Donations no longer need to be made through SLPS Foundation to receive tax-deductible status.                                                                                                                                                                                                               *Donations will be accepted outside those dates, but we try to base the current year's budget on what we raise during this time period.


    • Many corporations offer matching gift programs for their employees.  To multiply your gift, please contact your human resources office for a matching gift form & reach out to the Metro PTO treasurer (metrohighpto@gmail.com).


    • In addition to donating to Metro’s PTO, be a friend of SLPS! Join a growing movement of concerned citizens who want to support the success of ALL Saint Louis Public School students. Your contribution will help the Foundation implement activities in four key priority areas: Early Childhood Education, College and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness, and Great School Leaders.  https://www.slpsfoundation.org/ for more information.