Ms. Diehl

    Name: Sonya Diehl
    Room Number(s): Gym
    Subject(s): Health and Physical Education 
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    I have been teaching health and physical education for 18 years, the past 12 of those years at Gateway Middle School. I previously coached basketball at Gateway Middle and am now in my fifth year of coaching at Cleveland High School NJROTC.
    I really enjoy watching students accomplish many tasks and skills that they start off saying "I can't do that." I also feel proud when I see our students not only achieve academically, but also athletically. 

    This class is designed for the middle school student. Students will assess their current level of fitness using various physical fitness tests. Included will be curl-ups, push-ups, and pacer test. Various health concepts will be discussed to give students a foundation to use in leading a healthy lifestyle. Concepts of physical fitness, cyberbullying and the body systems will be focused on during the 2018-2019 school year. All content meets the National and State standards for sixth through eighth grade students. You can access Ms. Diehl and Mr. Franklin’s web pages by going to www.slps.org then goes to the school website and find the teacher.

      What student need for Health and PE class.
    1. Two folders with brads.
    2. Shorts or sweat pants(any color) t-shirt with sleeves and tennis shoes