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     Mr. Stausing
    Name: Dax Stausing
    Room Number(s): 127     
    Subject(s): World Cultures and Geography
    Building Phone: 314-352-1043
    Teacher Message: I will update my page daily with homework and class activities. Students and parents please check the page daily and look at the homework calender. I have set up a Microsoft team page that I will monitor and post work and assignment and take questions. We will be meeting regularly so each student is responsible for keeping up with thier own work.  Email me with any questions or concerns, that includes parents and students.  Check the class calender on my page, this is where I will be putting assignments and due dates. 
    STUDENTS- We will be working on current events, using CNN 10, I will post sites to use so make sure you practice responsibility and check this page for information daily. Follow Busch's social media pages for updates. Check the link on left for marked assignments for work. 

    Plan on time for lessons, practice work, and unique assignments.  If you do not have and iPad or laptop, you can access this on a phone.  


     PARENTS- You should schedule 5 hours for learning each day.  Some of this will be independent, some with a teacher either live or watching a video. On every teacher’s page you will see an introduction about how their class works and “daily assignments…”   Please use the links below or email me at dax.stausing@slps.org with any questions. Please take the technology survey at http://www.slps.org/tech this will allow you to request an ipad for your student if you do not have a device at home for them to use.

    Biography: I've been teaching for 20 plus years. I am a graduate of Union High School, received my undergrad from UMSL and my masters from Lindenwood.
    Assignments: Will be updated and uploaded to teams daily. Make use of the Microsoft team page for all work, it will be posted under my name. Check the calendar and assignments on the LEFT and make use of my email for more information.
    Contact me: dax.stausing@slps.org or use the Microsoft 7th grade team page and click on my "channel" to see work and to talk with me.