School: Washington Montessori

    2021/2022 Eco-Map Information (Volunteer Programs--Community Partnerships--Resources/Services)


    Name of Organization/Agency



    Assistant League


    Volunteer Program

    This program serves the specific needs of children at Washington Montessori.

    Centennial Christian Church

    Volunteer Program

    Faith based organization that tutors students in reading and math. Supports teachers during staff appreciation week.

    Central West End Community Church

    Volunteer Program

    Faith based organization that tutors students in reading and math, a part of the schools beautification team, host a book club once a week, donates food, and school supplies for children.

    Chess Club of Greater St. Louis

    Volunteer Program

    Organization that teaches the game of chess to 5th grade students.

    DOE Trauma Informed Collaborative

    External Primary


    Provides safe and supportive environments for children to learn and educators to work.

    Gateway to Oral Health


    External Primary

    Gives dental care to students

    Gateway Region YMCA

    Volunteer Program

    Provides before and after care for parents who need care.

    Girls In The Know

    Volunteer Program

    Educate and empower girls, together with those who love them, by providing tools to establish a strong sense of self.

    Girl Scouts of America

    Volunteer Program

    Hands-on learning that puts girls in the middle of the action and prepares them for today and for life.

    Healthy Kids Express 

    External Primary

    Provides hearing screening, height, and weight for students.

    Junior Achievement

    Volunteer Program

    Help students understand how to manage money, explore what it means to start a business.

    Left Bank Books

    Volunteer Program

    Provide monthly books for Kindergarten, first and second grades.

    Mercy Hospital


    Volunteer Program

    Provide volunteers for events such as the math marathon, St. Jude trike-a-thon, etc. Provide resources for parents.

    Ready Readers


    Volunteer Program

    Volunteers that reads to preschool students sparking imaginations and building early literacy. 

    Second Presbyterian Church

    Volunteer Program

    Faith based organization that tutors students in reading and math, provides field experiences for students, donates school supplies, uniforms, and attendance prizes.

    Springboard to Learning

    Volunteer Program

    Springboard to Learning develops children’s abilities to think critically, create, collaborate and communicate.

    The Center for Family Law


    Volunteer Program

    Provide volunteers and books for the Read Across American Event. Provide resources for parents. 

    Vision for Life


    External Primary

    Provide vision screenings and glasses for students.




    Brings evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders.




    Help students develop the academic and social skills, act as advocates for students' well-being, and add valuable resources for their educational advancement.

    Family and Community Specialist



    Coordinate efforts to facilitate parental and community involvement, assist schools in efforts to improve student attendance and student achievement.




    Supports student success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting.

    Social Worker



    Help students, families, and teachers address problems such as truancy, social withdrawal, overaggressive behaviors, rebelliousness, and the effects of special physical, emotional, or economic problems









    SUZANNE MURPHY, AT suzanne.murphy@slps.org or call 314.626-3004