•  2021-2022 Program Requirements 

    Students will adhere to all policies of the district. Additionally, students will comply with the program-specific policies of the Fresh Start Academy. Students understand that a failure to comply with these policies will result in dismissal from the program.

    Attendance Requirements 

    • Students will complete 15-20 hours of class time weekly. Students will complete 15 hours of work, volunteer service, or vocational training weekly. Once a student passes the HiSET (Exam), work/volunteer/vocational hours will increase to 30 hours per week (seat hours will no longer be required).
    • Students must maintain a 90% attendance rate or higher
    • After 3 consecutive missed days students will be withdrawn from the program.  Re-admission will be subject to the approval of the principal.

    Testing Requirements

    • Students will take a TABE placement exam for enrollment into the program and must score at the 8-9th grade levels to be admitted 
    •  Students will all have to complete End of Course assessments.

    Students understand that payment for the HiSET Exam is ($98.75) and transportation to the test site will be their responsibility. Additionally, the student understands and agrees to pay for additional HiSET Exam tests as needed. [Note: This would be in the instance that all sections of the HiSET Exam are not passed on the first try.]

    Students understand that a diploma will be issued upon successful completion of all aspects of the program. Furthermore, students realize that failure to complete all program requirements [passing the HiSET (Exam), passing 1/2 credit of health, 1/2 credit of personal finance, the MO and US Constitution tests, passing an American Government course, and fulfilling necessary work/volunteer/vocational/career preparatory hours] will result in the following:

    • Non-issuance of diploma
    • Passing HiSET(Exam) scores being deemed null and void
    • Dismissal from the program without the option for re-enrollment with approval from the principal