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     Hamilton is a part of the Missouri School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program. Hamilton has beed recognized by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at the BRONZE level for Implementation and Positive School Culture.  Students at Hamilton are expected to model the PRIDE Matrix. The Matrix has been developed to provide students and staff with school wide expectations.

    Hamilton’s Panther P.R.I.D.E. Matrix




         All setting












    v  Be a friend


    v  Keep hands and belongings to self

    v  Include and help others



    v  Smile

    v  Know your bus number


    v  Use the Hamilton Hi!


    v  Square up

    v  Wait patiently and quietly in line


    v  Give others space


    v  Put all trash in trash can


    v   Include all who want to play







    v  Enter and exit quietly


    v  Use kind words and actions


    v  Raise your hand and wait


    v  Whisper Zone

    v  Ride the bus without food or drink

    v  Silent Zone



    v  Whisper Zone


    v  Clean  up after yourself



    v  Whisper Zone


    v  Wash and dry hands


    v  If you  make a mess clean it up



    v  Take turns


    v  Quietly line up when the whistle blows


    v  Stay in designated areas




    Always tell the truth

                                                   Accept responsibility

                                                                                   Show Panther P.R.I.D.E                 

                                                                                                                                 Tell an adult if there is a problem                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                               Be dependable                                                                                                                       






    v  Listen and follow direction the first time


    v  Believe you can


    v  Keep trying


    v  Set goals

    v  Be prepared when bus arrives


    v  Take direct route

    v  Stay seated at assigned table while eating


    v  Chew with your mouth closed

    v  Tell an adult if there is a facility problem

    v  Uses equipment appropriately

    v  Return from playground quietly






    v  Raise hand and wait to be called on

    v  Give your best effort



    v  Be prepared


    v  Remain 

    Seat to seat, back to back, feet to floor 


    v  Walk


    v  Use pass at all times

    v  Know lunch code


    v  Keep all food in the cafeteria



    v  Walk in

    v  Do your business

    v  Wash your hands & Dry your hands

    v  Tuck your shirt in!


    v  Walk out

    v  Agree on game rules before you start the game

    v  Follow game rules


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  •  Student Contact Information 

     Phone   Please ensure that the school office has current contact information for your child.  If your address, phone number or emergency contact information changes anytime throughout the school year please notify the school office at 314-367-0552 as soon as possible. 
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Hamilton Elementary School

Grade Configuration:
Bell Times (Bus Tier):8:05-3:02 (2)
Principal:Starlett Frenchie
Address:5819 Westminster Place St. Louis, MO 63112
Phone Number:314-367-0552
School Type:Elementary School