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Welcome to Ashland Elementary

Bell Times (Bus Tier):
8:25-3:22 (2)
Lisa Brown
3921 No. Newstead St. Louis, MO 63115
Phone Number:
School Type:
Elementary School

Ashland Pledge
I can be the best
By doing my best
In everything I do
And taking pride in who I am
My hard word and perseverance will see me through
I must have respect 
And confidence
If I am to be
A healthy body and productive mind
And a wise human being
So, I can be my best
By doing my best
In everything I do
And taking pride in who I am
My hard work and perseverance will see me, though!  

The focus of Ashland Elementary School is to unify all staff, students, and our community in an effort to increase literacy proficiency. The students’ grown in thinking, reading comprehension, and their ability to write focused, organized, and elaborated responses will be measured by benchmark and state assessments



Together, we the staff, students, parents and community leaders of Ashland Elementary School will build a community of learners who will meet their fullest potential by accepting ownership and responsibility in attaining academic success.



The mission at Ashland Elementary School is to nurture the joy of learning and prepare our students to be life-long learners who will make a difference in their lives and the world they live in.

Core beliefs


 -All students learn and achieve academically

-The learning environment is safe, secure, and caring

-Everyone shares in the responsibility of our children

-Families and community leaders partner in the school mission

-The world is a better place because of our commitment to learn