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Central Office Phone Numbers

Special Administrative Board (314) 345-2304 
Magnet School Office (314) 633-5200 
Superintendent's Office (314) 345-2500
Dr. Kelvin Adams, Superintendent
Interim Chief of Staff (314) 345-4452
Roger CayCe
Academic Office (314) 345-2549
David Hardy, Deputy Superintendent of Academics  
Dr. James Henderson, Associate Superintendent 
Dr. Dan Edwards, Associate Superintendent
Karen Jones, Associate Superintendent  
Debra Moran-Reimonenq 
Office of Institutional Advancement  (314) 345-2353
Rachel Seward, Deputy Superintendent
Office of Student Support Services (314) 345-2352
Stacy Clay, Deputy Superintendent
Office of Talent Strategy and Management (314) 345-4464
Haliday Douglas, Director
Communications Office (314) 345-2227
Patrick Wallace, Executive Director of Communications
Financial/Treasurer Office (314) 345-2271
Angie Banks, Chief Financial Officer
Operations Office (314) 345-4669
Mary Houlihan, Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Human Resource Office (314) 345-2295
Dr. Edmond Heatley, Chief Human Resources Officer
Information Technology Office (314) 345-2421
Cheryl VanNoy, Chief Information Officer 
Safety & Security Office (314) 865-2020
Colonel Lisa Taylor,
Special Education Office (314) 633-5344
Dr. Adrienne Lacey-Bushell,
Accountability Office (314) 345-2597
Cheryl VanNoy, Interim Deputy Superintendent of Accountability