• Public Affairs
    Missouri's Sunshine Law fosters government transparency by establishing guidelines for public access to the meetings and records of public governmental bodies. According to Section 610.011 of the Sunshine Law: "It is the public policy of this state that meetings, records, votes, actions, and deliberations of public governmental bodies be open to the public unless otherwise provided by law. Sections 610.010 to 610.200 shall be liberally construed, and their exceptions strictly construed to promote this public policy."
    For more information regarding the Sunshine Law in Missouri, check the Frequently Asked Questions from the Missouri Attorney General's office.
    To submit a Sunshine Law Request, email the Custodian of Records, Jordan Grimes, at SAR@SLPS.org.
    You can also mail your request to:
    Custodian of Records, Public Affairs
    801 N. 11th Street
    St. Louis, MO 63101