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    About Us

    The St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is an independent not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998 for the purpose of engaging and focusing local, regional, and national support to promote educational success for the St. Louis Public Schools. Governed by an independent board of directors, the Foundation serves as a neutral vehicle through which general and dedicated funding can be used to develop and initiate specifically targeted projects and programs that will result in immediate and long-term improvements in educational outcomes for St. Louis Public School students.

    Our Vision

    Focusing the community’s resources to create and sustain an excellent urban school system.

    Our Mission

    The St. Louis Public Schools Foundation seeks to fund projects and activities with a measurable impact on academic achievement, high school graduation rates, and the successful transition to post-secondary goals, such as college or entry into the workforce to ensure that each student has the opportunity to become a productive citizen.

    Our Programs

    The Foundation is involved in many programs that service every component of a student’s life starting with preschool and continuing after they graduate and become alumni.  We manage approximately 100 different funds supporting a wide range of programs, from college scholarships to new playgrounds, from reading programs to technology access, from recognizing effective teachers to youth-oriented visual and performing arts events.  We constantly look for strategic and effective ways to make a difference in the lives of district children. 

    Why the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation?

    The St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is the only funding organization that has the unique and specific mission of supporting the St. Louis Public Schools. We assist private donors in making informed, strategic giving decisions that improve academic achievement and educational opportunities for St. Louis Public School students. We also provide donors with an accountability mechanism via our capacity to manage, disburse, and audit private sector donations that benefit the school district.

    Please visit the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation website at www.slpsfoundation.orgfor more information.