• Our logo is the visual centerpiece of our brand. It is important to use the logo correctly and consistently to maintain a professional and cohesive brand image. Here are some important guidelines:

    Logo Variations

    There are three versions of the District logo. The most commonly used are the primary and badge (or seal) logos. Certain designs require a more rectangular shape, so we have developed a variation of the logo that could meet this need. This variation should only be used when necessary due to design constraints. Please email carl.mitchell@slps.org for access to this variation.

    2. Clear Space

    To maintain the integrity of our logo, it is crucial to provide sufficient clear space around it. The minimum clear space is defined as the width of the capital "S" in our logo. No other graphic elements, typography, or visual clutter should encroach upon this clear space, ensuring that our logo stands out and remains easily identifiable.

    When using our logo in any printed or digital materials, ensure that the minimum clear space is maintained on all sides. This includes but is not limited to advertisements, brochures, banners, posters, websites, social media posts, and presentations. By adhering to the minimum clear space guidelines, we create visual harmony and allow our logo to make a strong impact.

    3. Minimum Logo Size

    To ensure legibility and visual impact, it is important to adhere to the minimum size requirements for our logo. The minimum logo size should not be smaller than 0.75 inches in width for printed materials and 120 pixels in width for digital applications. This ensures that our logo retains its clarity and legibility across various formats and platforms.

    The badge (or seal) logo contains more text and requires a larger minimum size. This logo should not be smaller than 2 inches in width for printed materials and 300 pixels in width for digital applications.

    When resizing the logo, maintain the original aspect ratio to prevent distortion. Scaling the logo proportionally ensures that all elements remain balanced and visually appealing. Avoid scaling the logo below the specified minimum size to preserve its visual integrity.


    For questions related to the District logo, please contact:

    Carl B. Mitchell
    Brand Strategy Manager