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    The Special Administrative Board of The Transitional School District of The City of St. Louis acknowledges that student well-being and student achievement are inherently related. Therefore, in support of the vision and mission of St. Louis Public Schools, the Special Administrative Board aims to create and maintain a healthy school culture for all children and staff through the implementation of its Health and Wellness Policy. The implementation of this policy, through promoting wellness and addressing current health issues facing both students and staff, will foster students’ abilities to learn to take responsibility for their own health and to adopt healthy habits, attitudes, and behaviors for life. The policy is designed to promote student well-being while taking into account competing priorities and resource availability.



      In 2006, the Federal Government required all schools participating in the National School Lunch Program to write and implement their own health and wellness policy.

     In 2007, St. Louis Public Schools including Parents, Healthy Youth Partnership (HYP), along with other community partners in St. Louis worked together to create a Health and Wellness Policy for the school district.

     The policy was approved by the school district's Special Administrative Board (SAB) in 2008, and a Health and Wellness Coordinator was hired to implement the Policy. Since then, SLPS has continued to support the implementation of the Policy. 


    Althea Albert-Santiago (Chairperson)
    SLPS Director of Food and Nutrition Services


    M. Leanne White  (Chairperson)
    Project Director, Healthy Schools Healthy Communities|

    Leannes pic

    Tenecia Williams Parent Laision
    SLPS Accountability Specialist

    email: tenecia.williams@slps.org
    (314) 345-2308

     t williams

    Sarah Drayton 
    Nutrition Coordinator II
    SLPS Accountability Specialist
    email: sarah.drayton@sfellc.org
    (314) 381-4155

    sarah drayton