• Wellness Policy

    The Saint Louis Public Schools Health and Wellness Council meets monthly  as needed to discuss the progress of Health and Wellness Policy implementation throughout the District and to hear reports from the sub-committee chairs. The Health and Wellness sub-committees were formed to support the eight goal areas of the Wellness Policy. Participants include SLPS staff/faculty, parents, employees of outside organizations and community members.

    These sub-committees also provide guidance and assistance to the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) at each school. SHACs are composed of the school’s principal, PE teacher, guidance counselor, nurse, social worker, teachers, students, parents and community members.

    The District’s Wellness Council has the following responsibilities

    Coordinate all health initiatives
    • Develop policies that support the common mission of district programs
    • Identify gaps and locate the district community resources
    • Develop an evaluation tool for the School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs)

     Health and Wellness Leadership Council

    Althea Albert-Santiago: Director, Food and Nutrition Services (Co-Chair)
    Leanne White: Project Director, Healthy Schools Healthy Communities (Co- Chair)
    Surilla Shaw: School Nurse Coordinator, Health Services (Secretary)
    Tenecia Williams: Parent at Compton Drew and McKinley (Assistant Secretary)
    Jeffrey Rhone: Director, Family and Community Engagement
    Debra Iron EL: Program Specialist/Family Involvement: Family and Community Engagement
    Roger CayCe: Deputy Supt. of Operations/Building Commissioner  
    Lisa Taylor-Brown: Director of School Safety and Security
    Karen Shelton Henry: Benefits Specialist, Human Resources