• Health and Wellness Policy

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    The Saint Louis Public Schools Health and Wellness Policy focuses on eight key goal areas. Responsibility for implementation of the Policy lies with the District appointed Health and Wellness Council along with the Health and Wellness Policy Coordinator(s). In addition, the School Principals in conjunction with the School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs) will implement the Health and Wellness Policy at the school level.

    8 Goal Areas of the Health and Wellness Policy:

    GOAL AREA 1: Health and Wellness Education-The district will provide students opportunities to
    learn how to optimize personal wellness

    GOAL AREA 2: Physical Education and Physical Activity- The district will provide students
    opportunities to engage in activity that builds their physical, mental, social, and emotional health.

    GOAL AREA 3: Health Services-The district will provide services to students that will apprise,
    protect, and promote their health; are in harmony with the community, parents,
    and other constituencies; and are accessible to all students.

    GOAL AREA 4: Healthy School Learning Environment- The district will create and maintain a
    school environment conducive to optimal student learning.

    GOAL AREA 5: Food and Nutrition Services- The school foodservice department will
    promote good health practices and provide a foundation for sound lifestyle
    habits through foodservice operations and nutrition education

    GOAL AREA 6: Health Promotion (Be Well) - The district will foster the maintenance of a healthy
    lifestyle for all staff.

    GOAL AREA 7: Family and Community Involvement - The district will support an integrated school,
    parent and community approach to achieving student wellness through a dynamic,
    collaborative partnership of communication and accountability.

    GOAL AREA 8: Creative, Cross-Cutting and Targeted Use of Resources to Support Wellness
    Creative, Cross-cutting, and Targeted Use of Resources to Support Wellness – The
    district will assign the Health and Wellness Policy (HWP) coordinators(s) who will use
    every appropriate and available means to the school district to ensure that every
    student has the chance to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially as well as
    remain in school.

    These goals are all related to one another and will inevitably overlap in their implementation. Together, these goals set the foundation for both a coordinated and a comprehensive wellness program that supports the academic success of St. Louis Public School (SLPS) students.

    SLPS Health and Wellness Policy - Updated May 31, 2017