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    Student Support Services is comprised of programs and services that work to provide equitable opportunities and successful outcomes for all students. Through these resources and services, we enhance our efforts to ensure that each student receives the academic, social-emotional, and support services they need to be successful. Students Support Services are a vital part of comprehensive school program success.


    Contact List

     Name  Phone  Email
     Michael Brown
     Deputy Superintendent of   Student Support Services
     314.345.2352 Michael.Brown@slps.org
     Kassandra Vandyke
     Executive Secretary
    314.345.4590 Kassandra.Vandyke@slps.org
     Megan Marietta
     Manager of Social Services
     314.345.4563 Megan.Marietta@slps.org
     Jeffrey Rhone
     Director of Family & Community Engagement
     314.345.2484 Jeffrey.Rhone@slps.org
    Surilla Shaw
    Coordinator of Nursing Services
     314.633.4401 Surilla.Shaw@slps.org
    Judith King
    Coordinator of After School Programs
    314.633.4409 Judith.King@slps.org
    Tiffany King
    Student Support Specialist
     314.345.4569  Tiffany.King@slps.org