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     Frequently Asked Questions

    Workshops offered through the Parent University provide resources and training in family engagement, home reading literacy, academic development, social-emotional wellness, and financial literacy. The Parent University provides families with tools that they can use to encourage their children to become successful while improving schools and communities.

    What is the purpose of the Parent University (PU)?  The purpose of the PU is to help parents become advocates, co-creators, monitors, and supporters in their children’s education. It brings parents together to learn and engage in educational activities, it creates a supportive network where parents can connect, share experiences, and build relationships. A sense of community can lead to increased collaboration between parents, teachers, and administrators, ultimately benefiting the overall school district, and outcomes for students, and St. Louis.  

    Why was the Parent University created?  To build effective partnerships that support student and school improvement strengthen families and ensure the best educational opportunities for all students no matter where they choose to learn.

    Who can attend the Parent University? The PU is open to and welcomes all SLPS parents and caregivers.

    How much does it cost to attend? There is no cost to attend any classes. All lesson materials, meals, and graduation regalia will be provided without cost to the family.

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