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    The growth and development of the City of St. Louis and St. Louis Public Schools are inextricably entwined.  In fact, the District slogan, “Our City, Our Schools, Our Future,” is references how a powerful partnership between the District and its community can support student and District success and, ultimately, lead to a brighter future for us all. 

    This page is dedicated to ensuring that all who have a stake in the region’s future are keep up to date on the latest news from and impacting the District. For ease of navigation and “hot topic” conversations, we have plans to reface and reestablish our website in 2021. Until then, please consider this a “quick reference” to help you find the answer you need right now.

    Let’s start with School Consolidation.  On January 12, the Board of Education will vote on a consolidation plan, potentially authorizing the closing of 9 schools and the return of Carnahan to a middle school.  Over the next few months, the District will work to restructure it’s 20,000 students to the remaining 39 Elementary Schools; 9 middle schools and 11 high schools. No changes will take place until the fall of 2021.  In the meantime, all departments are working together to ensure a smooth the transition.

    Members of the District’s Recruitment and Placement Team are presently reaching out to all students and families to students and families find their best school match and are personally connected with their new Magnet, neighborhood and choice opportunities.

    The District created a Covid-19 team of Contact Tracers trained to interview and provide guidance to individuals grappling with the uncertainties of the pandemic.  Their content is used to create weekly Covid-19 Dashboard updates that offer public information.

    Since August, the District has been operating its return to the classroom or, The District is operating its return to classroom or “Restart,” on a careful, phased in basis dictated by the latest Covid-19 transmission rates and supported by the Saint Louis Department of Health. Parent surveys were the catalysts for Elementary students have been in school since August and middle and high will be transitioned in Jan. 11.

    If you are new to the District and want to know, How to Enroll,” active links will help you navigate our newly upgraded registration process and find contacts at your school and within the District’s Recruitment and Placement team.

    For more information, please just CLICK on the links. Forward any questions or suggestions for this page directly to our Public Information team via “Let’s Talk."

    Thank you for visiting our website and for your consideration of the possibilities that lie before us as we enter this New Year and, hopefully a renewed partnership with our community.

    Our City. Our Schools. Our Future.