• Be Kind

  • Be Kind is the name of our new campaign to relaunch our Safety and Security Hotline.  Please use this HOTLINE number to report any unusual behavior, safety violations, threats personal or digital, suspicious activity, bullying…report anything that you feel needs to be addressed to keep students and staff safe.  

    This Hotline number is for everyone -- students, staff and parents.  The line is manned daily from 8 – 5 p.m. but, if we miss your call, please leave a message with information we can follow up on quickly.  

    If you don’t have the HOTLINE number handy, you may also share information anonymously through the Let’s Talk on-line feedback system.  Look for Let’s Talk pop up tab (on right) when you visit slps.org.

    Our only interest in promoting this HOTLINE is in keeping students and staff safe.  The idea that safety is a TOP PRIORITY, is not just something we say.  Every decision we make is with safety in mind, but we need your help.  Please do your part in maintaining a healthy and safe school environment -- Be KIND.