Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Louis Public Schools has consistently adhered to all safety protocol set forth by the St. Louis City Department of Health, as the District’s local health authority. Since 2020, that has included following the Department of Health’s mandate (continuously adopted via resolution by the City’s Board of Aldermen) for mask use in all indoor spaces within the City.   

    The current mask mandate set forth by the Department of Health and adopted by the Board of Aldermen expires this Sunday, March 6, 2022. The Department of Health has advised SLPS that it does not intend to re-issue any further mask mandate at this time. With no operative mandate in place by our local authorities SLPS will be mask optional effective Monday, March 7, 2022. The mask option applies to all SLPS staff and students. 

    While SLPS continues to recognize the crucial role masking has played in the successful curbing of transmission within schools, high vaccination rates and the incredibly low positivity rate throughout the District within the last three weeks assures us that we can safely move to a mask-optional platform at this time. As always, we will continue to closely monitor rates and trends, both at individual schools and District-wide, and remain prepared to seek immediate action for a shift in protocol from the Board of Education if necessary. 

    Masking will continue to be mandatory in cases wherein staff or students are subject to a quarantine or returning from isolation after a positive COVID diagnosis and seeking to return at an early return date, as our Department of Health’s current rules require consistent masking for early return from quarantine or isolation. If persons subject to quarantine or isolation wish not to mask upon return, they will need to complete their full quarantine or isolation before returning to school. 

    As we move to another new normal, please remember that the success of this shift depends upon your adherence to other safety protocol. Specifically, report all COVID exposures to your school’s principal, keep your child home if they have any COVID symptoms whatsoever (even symptoms that appear to be a common cold or allergies), and seek immediate testing if your child has any COVID symptoms. 

    SLPS thanks all families for their tireless support and flexibility throughout the past two years. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your school principal.