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RFP/Bid Opportunity Listings


Bid Opportunities


IFB 001-1617  Air Compressor for Fire/EMS Program at Gateway STEM High School

Due: February 17, 2017, 3:00 PM

IFB 003-1617 iPad Covers for iPad Air 2 

Due: March 31, 2017, 3:00 PM  

RFP Opportunities

Construction RFP's 2016 -17


RFP 052-1617 Gateway STEM Boiler Replacement 


RFP 044-1617  Hazardous Material Abatement, Remediation, and Demolition to Support Gateway STEM Boiler Replacement


RFP 018-1617 Peabody School Chiller Replacement 

     Wage Order #23 

RFP 016-1617  Repair Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner System at Stix Early Childhood Center


RFP 015-1617 Refinish Gym Floors at Soldan IS High School

      Wage Order #23 
RFP 014-1617 Install Gym Door at AESM @ L'Ouverture 
     Wage Order #23 

RFP 012-1617 Nahed Chapman New American Academy Wall Repair

      Wage Order 23 

RFP 011-1617 District-Wide Asphalt Repair


RFP 010-1617 District-Wide Energy Efficiency Project

     Wage Order #23 

RFP 009-1617 Dunbar Boiler(s) Replacement Project

     Wage Order 23 

RFP 008-1617 Gym Floor Resurfacing and Bleacher Installation


RFP 003-1617 Sumner Gym Floor Replacement


Non Construction RFP's 2016 -17

RFP 049-1617 Charter Bus Services

RFP 059-1617 Summer Arts-Based Program


 RFP 050-1617 Student Activity Accounts Software


RFP 055-1617 District-Wide Cleaning and Repair of Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and Grease Traps, Inspection and Servicing of Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems       


RFP 053-1617 Managed Care Services Program 


RFP 051-1617 Private Day Placement Services 

RFP 040-1617 District-Wide Custodial Equipment Procurement 

RFP 048-1617 Mathematics Intervention Materials and Services


 RFP 047-1617 English Language Arts Intervention Materials and Services


RFP 046-1617 Social Studies Intervention Materials and Services

RFP 045-1617 Science Intervention Materials and Services

RFP 043-1617 Title II and Title III Non-Public Schools Contractor

RFP 036-1617 District-Wide Cleaning and Repair of Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and Grease Traps 


RFP 035-1617 District-Wide Water Treatment and Treatment Equipment Repairs for Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

RFP 033-1617 District-Wide, Inspection, Testing and Repairing of Domestic Backflow Prevention Systems 
RFP 032-1617 District-Wide, Inspection, Testing and Cleaning of Fire Alarm Systems

RFP 029-1617 Medical Director for Health Services in Saint Louis Public Schools


RFP 028-1617 Core Network Equipment Upgrade


RFP 027-1617 High Speed Internet Access


RFP 026-1617 High Speed Wide Area Network


RFP 025-1617 Guided Reading Training and Professional Development for Teachers in SIG Schools


RFP 024-1617 University Partnership for SIG Schools 


RFP 023-1617  Professional Development in the System-Wide Implementation of Professional Learning Communities across Priority Schools

 RFP 022-1617 Workers' Compensation Third Party Claims Administration 

RFP 021-1617 Assessment System 


RFP 020-1617 Mathematics and Science Intervention Materials and Professional Development Services


 RFP 017-1617 Library Collections Materials


RFP 013-1617 Safety and Security Equipment Upgrade

RFP 006-1617 Affordable Teacher Housing Initiative

RFP 005-1617 K-8 Instructional Curriculum and Web Service for Title I Schools


RFP 004-1617 Substance Abuse Education Services 


RFP 002-1617 Bus Transportation Services


RFQ's 2016-17