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First Day Of School For 2015/16 Is Now August 17

Summer vacation 2015 will be a week longer than originally planned. The Special Administrative Board has voted to adjust the 2015/16 school year calendar resulting in the first day of school changing from August 10 to August 17. The later starting date will also change the last day of school from May 20 to May 26.

Other adjustments to the 2015/16 school year calendar include moving Spring Break from March 14-18 to March 21-25, changing the two Record Keeping Days from December 21 to December 18 and from May 23 to May 27, and adding a No School day on December 21 to give non 12-month staff a two-week Winter Break. The revised 2015/16 school year calendar is available by clicking here

The SAB also voted to change the start and dismissal times for all SLPS schools beginning August 17.  All schools will now start and dismiss 20 minutes later.  

  • Schools starting at 7:10am and dismissing at 2:07pm this year will start at 7:30am and dismiss at 2:27pm beginning August 17.
  • Schools starting at 8:05am and dismissing at 3:02pm this year will now start at 8:25am and dismiss at 3:22pm.  
  • Schools starting at 8:15am and dismissing at 3:12pm this year will now start at 8:35am and dismiss at 3:32pm.  
  • Schools starting at 9:10am and dismissing at 4:07pm this year will now start at 9:30am and dismiss at 4:27pm.  
  • Schools starting at 9:20am and dismissing at 4:17pm this year will now start at 9:40am and dismiss at 4:37pm.