• Central Office Phone Numbers

    The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis (314) 345-2304 

    Superintendent's Office (314) 345-2296

    Dr. Keisha Scarlett, Superintendent of Schools 

    Dr. Isaac Pollack, Associate Superintendent of School Turnaround and Innovation Isaac.Pollack@slps.org

    Academic Instructional Coaches (314)-345-4657

    Dr. Sara Martens, Interim Director Sara.Martens@slps.org

    Curriculum and Instruction Department (314) 345-2517

    Dr. Kimberly Moody, Director  Kimberly.Moody@slps.org

    Early Childhood Education Department (314) 331-6150

    Linda Smith, Interim Director  Linda.Smith@slps.org

    ESOL Program (314) 664-1066

    Dr. Alla Gonzalez Del Castillo, Director  Alla.GonzalezDelCastillo@slps.org

    Gifted and Talented Education Department (314) 345-4548

    Natasha Mitchell, Director of Virtual Learning and Gifted Education  Natasha.Mitchell@slps.org

    Healthy Schools Initiatives: Academics in Movement (314) 345-4403  

    Leanne White, Director Margaret.White@slps.org

    K-12 Literacy/Libraries (314) 532-0920

    Dr. Kay Royster, K-12 Literacy Specialist  Kay.Royster@slps.org  

    Professional Development Department (314) 345-6096

    Dr. LaTisha Smith, Director  LaTisha.Smith@slps.org 

    Saint Louis Plan - Peer Assistance and Review (314)-345-2236

    Dr. Wanda Clay, Coordinator  Wanda.Clay@slps.org

    School Culture and Climate (314)-345-4434

    Casetta Brown, Coordinator  Casetta.Brown@slps.org  

    Special Education Department (314) 633-5344

    Candice Boyd, Director  Candice.Boyd@slps.org 

    Virtual Learning  (314) 345-4405

    Natasha Mitchell, Director of Virtual Learning and Gifted Education  Natasha.Mitchell@slps.org


    Office of Operations (314) 633-9143

    Square Watson, Chief Operations Officer Square.Watson@slps.org

    Safety & Security Office (314) 865-2020

    Col. DeAndre Davis, Director DeAndre.Davis@slps.org

    Lt. Jason Davis, Commander of Field Ops. (314) 327-7270 -  Jason.Davis2@slps.org

     Karon Flenoid, Community Outreach (314) 332-4363 -  Karon.Flenoid@slps.org  

    Transportation Department (314) 633-5107

    Toyin Akinola, Director Toyin.Akinola@slps.org

    Food & Nutrition Services Department (314) 345-4519

    Althea Albert-Santiago, Director Althea.Albert-Santiago@slps.org

    Office of Advancement (314) 345-2353

    Public Information Office (314) 345-2367

    George Sells, Director of Communications and Marketing George.Sells@slps.org

    Department of Volunteer Services and Mentoring (314) 345-4577

    Ryonnel Jackson, Director Ryonnel.Jackson@slps.org

    Development Office (314) 345-2465

    Erin Kane, Director of Development  Erin.Kane@slps.org

    Office of Student Support Services (314) 345-2352

    Dr. Millicent Borishade, Chief of Schools Millicent.Borishade@slps.org

    Office of Family and Community Engagement (314) 345-2484

    Alana Parks, Director Alana.Parks@slps.org

    Students in Transition Office (314) 345-5750

    Deidra Thomas-Murray, Homeless and Foster Care Liaison Deidra.Thomas-Murray@slps.org

    Office of Budget and Finance (314) 345-2271

    Angie Banks, Chief Financial Officer Angie.Banks@slps.org

    Human Resources Office (314) 345-2295

    Charles Burton, Chief Human Resources Officer Charles.Burton@slps.org

    Office of Accountability, Research, Evaluation and Assessment

    Cheryl VanNoy, Chief Information & Accountability Officer Cheryl.VanNoy@slps.org

    Magnet Schools Office (314) 633-5200 SlpsMagnetSchools@slps.org

    Louis Kruger, Director of Student Placement Louis.Kruger@slps.org

    Accountability Department (314) 345-2421

    Assessment Department (314) 345-2360

    Research and Evaluation (314) 345-2428