• Bryan Hill Student & Family Mentors are Here for You!

    There are three important staff members on the Bryan Hill School team to provide a fantastic level support to BH students and their families. These Student and Family Mentors work full-time to make sure that resources are available if a Bryan Hill student or their family is looking for additional academic, economic, or social support. We want to make sure that students have everything they need to succeed at Bryan Hill - and beyond!

    Here are some of the resources they can provide:

    • Goal setting (financial, personal, professional)
    • Student support (attendance, behavior, academics)7
    • Helping families find employment and pursue education
    • Emergency utility, housing and food assistance
    • Referrals to counseling and other services


    Jordan Young 

    Clarence Wynn call or text 314-303-6232



    Ms. K

    Mr. Wynn