Brenda D. Walker
    (314) 531-8680


    Hello! My name is Brenda Walker and I am your child’s School Counselor. I am proud to be a part of the wonderful and dedicated staff here at Cote Brilliante and absolutely enjoy working with the students and watching them excel. I have worked at Cote Brilliante as a School Counselor for 14 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Truman University in Kirksville, MO. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Family Counseling from the University of Missouri St. Louis and later went on to obtain my Master’s Degree and Certification in Elementary and Middle School Counseling. I am also very proud to be a wife and mother.


    My job as a School Counselor is to help students thrive in the educational setting by helping them to overcome any barriers that keep them from learning. I am available to assist your child in areas such as conflict resolution, bullying, decision making skills, study skills, respect for others, building self esteem and much more. Depending on the need, I meet individually with your child and/or in a small group as well as in the classroom. I am also here to help with academic concerns.


    If you have any concerns about your child and feel they might benefit from seeing the counselor, please feel free to contact me during the school day. I am at Cote Brilliante all day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  I look forward to working with you and your child! 










Last Modified on April 1, 2013