• Mission

    We are committed to providing a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing, and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to be productive members of society.



    To foster a love of lifelong learning by guiding each student to build foundational academic and social skills that will contribute to their ongoing success in society.



    "Doing things the Wildcat Way...Respectful, Responsible, Safe"


    School Colors

    Blue and Yellow Gold





    School Pledge

    We, the students at Woodward School,

    Promise to obey all our school rules,

    To respect our teachers and friends alike,

    To always do what we know is right,

    To come to school each day on time,

    And use line basics when standing in line,

    We promise to do our very best,

    On every assignment and every test.

    This is what we do right here, right now.

    Not sure how to do it?  We’ll show you how!