Hello Fabulous Fifth Graders!!!  My name is Ms. Sharonda S. Blount. I am the 5th Grade Teacher here at Bryan Hill Elementary.  I have been teaching for 30 plus years. I really enjoy teaching fifth grade and I look forward to the fun we will have exploring and learning each day.

    I have two beautiful daughters named Breia and Brooke. I also have a handsome godson named  Jordan a.k.a. "Speedy Bug" . I am happy to share that I am a grandmother to my only grandchild, who we call " Mr. President".  I have a new family member, who is my grandpup, and his name is Ralphie.  My favorite things to do when I am not teaching are traveling, shopping and spending time with my family and friends.


    Fun Facts about me:

    Food: Seafood

    Music Genre: Gospel and R & B

    Favorite Book: The Purpose of Prayer

    Favorite Color: Pink

    Favorite Drink: Calypso Lemonade

    Favorite Season: Summer

    Hobby: Shopping and Traveling