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    Vacation, Sick, Personal & Holiday Pay

    VACATION DAYS (Board Policy 4519):
    All newly hired 12-month employees are eligible for paid vacation based on the following schedule:
    Time Earned  Eligibility 
    1 day per month  12 working days after one (1) year of employment 
    1.25 days per month  15 working days after five (5) years of employment 
    1.67 days per month  20 working days after ten (10) years of employment 
    1.84 days per month  22 working days after twelve (12) years of employment 
    2.08 days per month  25 working days after twenty (20) years of employment 
     NOTE: Administrators will accrue vacation at a rate of 1.84 days per month.

    SICK DAYS (Board Policy 4622):
    All full-time employees are eligible to earn sick leave days during each fiscal year (i.e. July 1st to June 30th).  Certificated teachers, administrators and non-certificated 10, 10.5 month staff members will be granted 10 days of sick leave per year.  All 11 month employees will be granted 11 days of sick leave per year and all 12 month employees will be granted 12 days of sick leave. Sick leave is prorated for employees hired after the beginning of the fiscal year as follows:
    Hire Date 10 / 10.5 Month 11 Month 12 Month
    On or after July 1 and by September 30 10 11 12
    On or after October 1 and by December 31 7 8 9
    On or after January 1 and by March 31 5 6 6
    On or after April 1 and by June 30 2 2 3

    PERSONAL DAYS (Board Policy 4622):

    Each fiscal year, in addition to sick leave days, all 10, 10.5 and 11 month employees will be granted two (2) personal days.  Personal time off requires 48 hours’ notice before the date of the leave and cannot be scheduled during the following blackout periods:

    •           The first two weeks of classes during each school year

    •           The last two weeks of classes during each school year

    •           Following written notice of suspension or discharge

    •           District-wide professional development days

    •           MAP and EOC testing

    Twelve (12) month employees are not granted additional personal days due to having vacation days but may use 2 of his/her sick days as personal days.  Personal time off requires 48 hours’ notice before the date of the leave.

    HOLIDAYS (Board Policy 4518):
     The following is a list of holidays observed by the District:


    New Year's Day

    Memorial Day

    Veterans' Day

    Martin Luther King Day

    Independence Day

    Thanksgiving Day and the Friday After

    President's Day

    Labor Day

    Christmas Day