• Hopewell

         The mission of the ALM Hopewell Center is to improve the quality of life for the mentally challeged by decreasing the incidence of mental disabilities and their negative impact through hope, treatment, and wellness.

    We provide:

    • Intake and Evaluation Services
    • Comprehensive Assessment
    • Medication Services and Administration
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Case Management
    • Group, Family, and Individual Therapy and Counseling
    • Community Support
    • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
    • Parent and Family Education
    • Family Support Resources

    Programs offered within the Children Services of ALM Hopewell Center, include:

    -Outpatient Services: designed to help children and adolescents with mental illness to funciton within the community:

    • Intake and Evaluation
    • Medication Administration
    • Crisis Intervention 
    • Case Management
    • Therapy

    -CPR:  Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation services designed to help children and adolescents with serious mental illness to function with the community.

    • Intake and Evaluation
    • Community Support
    • Intensive
    • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
    • Medication Services and Administration
    • Crisis Intervention

    -Healthcare Home:  designed to ensure access to, and coordinate care with prevention, primary care, and specialty medical care services in an effort to promote healthier lifestyles for children and adolescents living with chronic illness.

    -Creative Expressions:  designed for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma (neglect, abuse, etc) the opportunity to participate in a 12 week intensive art therapy program.

    -School Based Program:  provides mental health support to St. Louis area school systems, from early childhood through high school to promote early detection and treatment of psychiatric disorders.  Services include:

    • Counseling
    • Linkage
    • Education

    There are several indicators to qualify for our programs:

    • School aged children and adolscents
    • Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED)
    • Behavior Disorder
    • Medicaid eligible

         Clients are accepted as individuals and treatment is geared to meet their uniue circumstances.  Family and community strengths are the basis for treatment planning and service delivery.  Family and community engagment are seen as critical to achieve successful outcomes that children, adolescents, and their families can sustain.

    Program Benefits and Desired Outcomes

    Strengthen Families

    • Family reunification by promoting healthy relationships and reducing child replacement

    Build School and Family Partnerships

    • Improve classroom behaviors
    • Increase school attendance
    • Overall improve academic integrity

    Collaborate with Community Initiatives

    • Work with community resources to meet individual and family needs, to promote positive changes

    Achieve Health and Wellness

    • Educate families between the connection of physical and mental health
    • Teach families the value of nutrition and physical activity
    • Referral for ongoing medical and wellness services (immunizations, physicals, etc)